Polling where you pray

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Polling location for Wesleyan students at Ebenezer Baptist Church raise questions. Last week, many from Virginia Wesleyan University went to the polls to cast their vote in this year’s midterm election.  Shuttles provided by Wesleyan Engaged were even available to transport students back and forth to the polls. The interesting part of this story is Read More

Pretty or promiscuous?

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Halloween is a time for scary movies, candy, and costumes (which are my personal favorite part of the holiday). As kids, boys and girls typically dress up on Halloween for the purpose of trick-or-treating. However, when one hits a certain age in the state of Virginia, they cease to be able to trick-or-treat legally. So, Read More

Weasel in court

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Over the past couple weeks, one name has come to the forefront of news and pop culture, Brett Kavanaugh. Through a series of sexual assault allegations, the character of President Trump’s Supreme Court nominee has come into question. Following a hearing before the Senate Judiciary Committee in which Kavanaugh and one of his accusers, Christine Read More

Rampant Rumors

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Life on a small campus has many benefits, including smaller class sizes and a greater sense of community as one can’t walk across campus without at least three people saying “hi.” However, a drawback to living on a small campus, rampant rumors that have the tendency to cause uproar within 24 hours. Earlier this year Read More

Metal over man

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Tech companies such as Amazon and Facebook cause humanitarian concerns. Many think of new technological advancements as blessings, but what if they’re simply wolves in sheeps’ clothing? Recent controversies with internet-based companies, such as Facebook and Amazon, beg the question whether or not such companies should be regulated. I say that changing climates call for Read More

Financial Aid

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Proposal for a financial aid system that only gives rewards based on college achievement as well as high school success Upon recent reflection, I have been greatly troubled by the financial aid system. Scholarships are given based upon high school GPA and SAT scores. However, there are many out there that succeed in high school, Read More


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What does a government shutdown really mean? There has been much talk of government shutdowns, the most recent one being early in the morning of Feb. 9, while most of us were hopefully asleep. What does a government shutdown truly mean? Most of us average citizens do not feel the impacts of a government shutdown. Read More

Letting their hair down

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Iranian women protest the traditional hijab Muslim women in Iran strive for freedom not from metallic chains, but fabric headscarves. Protests across the country surround perhaps the most controversial parts of the Muslim religion as it pertains to human rights, the hijab. For those of you who may not know, the hijab is the ritualistic Read More

Spinning out of control

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As a Before and After school counselor at the YMCA last semester, as well as summer camp counselor this year, I quickly became acquainted with these twirly little toys known as fidget spinners. I was initially unconcerned with the emergence of fidget spinners, viewing them as a fad that would quickly die out. However, it Read More

A look inside the Greer Center

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On Friday, April 7, alumni and their guests were given the opportunity to tour the new Greer Environmental Sciences Center. Read More