More than a game, once again

11 months ago Alex Powers Comments Off on More than a game, once again
If you’re a sports fan, you know who Dwyane Wade is.  He’s been a mainstay in the National Basketball Association for well over a decade.  He’s a Miami Heat legend, an NBA Champion, an Olympian, and one of the best shooting guards the league has ever seen.  If you’re not a sports fan, you might Read More

Les Gourmands Tomberont Dans les Flammes

11 months ago Douglas Hardman Comments Off on Les Gourmands Tomberont Dans les Flammes
The Gluttons will Fall in the Flame “And He shall smite the wicked and plunge them into the fiery pit!” And what wicked would I be referring to? The greedy, of course; one of the seven deadly sins punishable by damnation. On April 15, the Notre Dame cathedral was set ablaze by what is assumed Read More

Should we spring forward?

1 year ago Alex Powers Comments Off on Should we spring forward?
Daylight Savings Time comes and goes without much fuss, but perhaps it’s time to finally cut it out. This past weekend, Daylight Savings Time reared its ugly head again.  Every spring, we all set our clocks ahead an hour – yes, ahead an hour – to account for having done the exact opposite some months Read More

Two steps back

1 year ago Alex Powers Comments Off on Two steps back
With the controversy of the Jussie Smollett case rising to the forefront of conversation, the obstacles standing in the way of social movements see a critical need for acknowledgment. The modern age of progressivism is far from new.  Nowadays, it is critical that people feel their voice can be heard and that change can be Read More

Recruitment done right

1 year ago Jonathan Joyer Comments Off on Recruitment done right
Extracurriculars are a valuable part of any student’s college career.  They provide opportunities for growth, service, friendship, leadership and many others.  The friends you make in extracurriculars usually share the same interests as you and can help you to grow in specific areas.  There are basically extracurricular groups for almost anything out there. If one Read More

Before you love someone else

1 year ago Douglas Hardman Comments Off on Before you love someone else
A tale as old as time, popularized by RuPaul, the saying is: “if you can’t love yourself, how in the hell you gonna love somebody else?” And while it’s easy to shout this mantra in unison and declare self-love, the journey to reach a truer state of love and acceptance is far more grueling, but Read More

Stressing the stressed

1 year ago Jonathan Joyer Comments Off on Stressing the stressed
As the university continues to evolve, so to do its policies and systems. One of the more recent changes to Virginia Wesleyan was addition of a new general studies system that seems rely heavily on preparing underclassmen early on for the difficult classes of later years.  The new general studies system brings with it many Read More

Perplexing poinsettias 

1 year ago Co-Written Comments Off on Perplexing poinsettias 
I realize that most people consider poinsettias to be a holiday or Christmas flower. They are sold in excess during this time of year as they are one of the few flowers that are easily available in winter. There are many reasons to like them. They can brighten up a room with their vibrant red Read More

Ding dong, the bell tower is not gone

1 year ago Jonathan Joyer Comments Off on Ding dong, the bell tower is not gone
Virginia Wesleyan University is an institution that continues expanding every year it maintains operations. Each year new projects spring up and innovations are made to the campus and our connections to the community. One of the latest projects VWU has been showing off is the renovation of the Bell Tower outside of the Monumental Chapel. Read More

Jolly old Saint Lucifer

1 year ago Douglas Hardman Comments Off on Jolly old Saint Lucifer
‘Tis the season to hail Satan! Yes, you read that right. With the nauseating Christmas tunes and decorations rearing their head way too early once again, I encourage you to look towards the true symbol, icon and representation of holiday beliefs: the Dark Lord himself. While many of us love the holiday season, it’s definitely Read More