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Dress to Impress

2 weeks ago Makiah Ellis Comments Off on Dress to Impress
Ditch the cat, bunny and devil ears and angel halo; it’s time to get creative. As Oct. 31, 2019 approaches everyone is trying to be creative to come up with the best Halloween costume. Most people find it more convenient and affordable to make their own costumes, rather than going to their local Party City. Read More

Spine Tingling Television

2 weeks ago Valery Caraballo Comments Off on Spine Tingling Television
Peel your head to the corner of the room as you see your worst childhood monsters still lurking in the shadows. Will they creep into your closets the rest of your life ? Have we lost our minds hiding from the dark ? The Haunting of Hill House is a psychological horror show that will Read More

The Clown Prince of Blockbusters

2 weeks ago Tony Tann Comments Off on The Clown Prince of Blockbusters
Gotham City is burning, failing, and far from an ideal hometown. It is becoming increasingly difficult for the poor to find a job and live amidst rampant lawlessness. Arthur Fleck (Joaquin Phoenix) is trying hard just to be okay and to keep his job – being a party clown. He lives with his mother, who Read More

It ain’t over until the rat lady sings

1 month ago Makiah Ellis Comments Off on It ain’t over until the rat lady sings
Daniel Hernandez, also known as Tekashi 6ix9ine, is a six-time platinum-selling American rapper from Bushwick, New York. Hernandez is 23-years-old and is a father to his one-year-old daughter, Saraiyah Hernandez. In 2017, things took off for 6ix9ine due to his fans connecting with his music and his outgoing personality on his social media platforms. Making Read More

Friends: A Retrospective

1 month ago Valery Caraballo Comments Off on Friends: A Retrospective
You’ve just walked into the Central Perk where you and your best friends Monica, Phoebe, Rachel, Chandler, Ross and Joey have just celebrated your 25th anniversary. Are you able to hold back the tears that come with every episode of your friendship? It is hard not to fall in love with this group of best Read More

Back up the water spout

1 month ago Tony Tann Comments Off on Back up the water spout
He really can do whatever a spider can. In this case, the spider can get back into the Marvel family before being sprayed out of the universe. Less than 30 days after the announcement that Spider-Man would be leaving the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Marvel Studios and Sony Pictures announced that Spider-Man will return to the Read More

A Penny For Your Nightmares

2 months ago Valery Caraballo Comments Off on A Penny For Your Nightmares
Reach your hand into the chest of the monster who traumatize your entire childhood and crush his heart until much like your fear, it is nothing but dust. Do we still fear 1990 Pennywise? If you are going to the movie theater with the expectations of a horrific yet nostalgic movie, it does not do Read More

Hide And Go Die

2 months ago Valery Caraballo Comments Off on Hide And Go Die
Everyone loves a good game of hide and seek. For Samara Weaving, who played new bride Grace, this was very different from a childhood game. The film is a combination of horror and comedy  and full of mystery that keeps the audience on their toes while still having a good laugh. A family ritual made Read More

MCU Later

2 months ago Makiah Ellis Comments Off on MCU Later
The Amazing Spider-Man is leaving the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The Marvel Cinematic Universe is a well-known media franchise that brings comic book superheroes to life in films. Marvel Studios is a very successful company owned by the Walt Disney Company. The superheroes in Marvel are well-known, but the most popular are the Avengers.  The Avengers Read More

The power of plus

7 months ago Tony Tann Comments Off on The power of plus
On March 25, Apple held its first ever services-centric event, where the company introduced several new and upcoming service products with no hardware announcements at all. It took Apple almost two hours to introduce Apple News+, Apple Arcade, Apple Card and Apple TV+. The only service that’s available today, Apple News+, is designed to provide Read More