Smithdeal Hall residents evacuated to hotels

6 days ago Alex Powers Comments Off on Smithdeal Hall residents evacuated to hotels
What’s the Smith-deal? On Sept. 19, the residents of Smithdeal Hall were informed by Virginia Wesleyan University administration that the hall would be vacated temporarily for renovation. Smithdeal is a residence hall in Allen Village, or Village II as it is known informally.  In the interim, many students are relocated to a nearby hotel.  The Read More

Marlins celebrate homecoming weekend

6 days ago Karleigh Warren Comments Off on Marlins celebrate homecoming weekend
Sierra Coleman, a junior at Virginia Wesleyan University, stated that this year’s homecoming was better than her high school homecoming due to the amount of people that attended and wanted to dance. “My whole basketball team went. There were even alumni there, because it was alumni weekend.” Current and former students of Virginia Wesleyan came Read More

Timothy Tep represents VWU in Jordan

6 days ago Miles Christian Comments Off on Timothy Tep represents VWU in Jordan
Tep played primarily doubles, building lots of chemistry with the team. Tep helped them get to a 2-2 record with a 2-2 record of his own. Although he lost his lone singles game, he bounced back and went 2-1 in doubles. The lone singles game was against a Saudia Arabian native who plays at UVA. Read More

Friends: A Retrospective

6 days ago Valery Caraballo Comments Off on Friends: A Retrospective
You’ve just walked into the Central Perk where you and your best friends Monica, Phoebe, Rachel, Chandler, Ross and Joey have just celebrated your 25th anniversary. Are you able to hold back the tears that come with every episode of your friendship? It is hard not to fall in love with this group of best Read More