The Restaurant Roundabout

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Elizabeth Sims Weekender Editor Hungry and already tired of the Sodexo Cafe food? Pinched for cash but stir-crazy and desperate to escape campus? These five restaurants will keep you within your budget but will get you off campus and enjoying the local fare. 1. Roosters Café and Grille 5785 Northampton Blvd Although this place is Read More

Acknowledging the athlete

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Kellie Lagoy Sports Editor There’s nothing more exciting than the roar of the stands at any sporting event–the way your blood pumps and your cheeks turn pink from screaming so loudly. School pride spills out of everyone while watching the game together. Yet all those feelings are lacking in any Virginia Wesleyan stadium. All that Read More

New faces on campus

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Kellie Lagoy Sports Editor Chris Francis, Virginia Wesleyan’s new head baseball coach, became a fan of collegiate baseball at Ithaca College. During his sophomore year, he found a passion for coaching from watching his coach, George Valesente. “I was so impressed and enamored with this man, and I wanted to give this feeling back to Read More

Falling into place

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Kerri-Leanne Taylor Sports Editor As you spent the first few days of the semester agonizing over which outfit to wear, wondering if you would like any of your professors, or even worrying about whom you would sit with at lunch time (so you would not look like an awkward loner), others amongst the campus community Read More

Devin leaves VWC

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Kaci Parker Community Editor Students, faculty, and staff were shocked to learn that our familiar Student Activities Coordinator had said farewell to the campus community. Having made the difficult decision to leave Wesleyan, Devin Cowhey has set out to tackle new opportunities. “I am ready for a new adventure. I will be moving on to Read More

Ferguson: Tragedy rocks VWC

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Molly Fanney News Editor Ferguson, Missouri, has been dominating headlines, with violent riots in response to a local teen’s death that occurred on Aug. 9. Michael Brown’s death is being viewed by much of the Missouri community as a hate crime. Brown was shot and killed by a police officer while he was walking home Read More

Greer announces retirement in farewell speech

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Anthony Dellamura/Marlin Chronicle Jessica Mackey News Editor In a room full of faculty, staff, trustees and friends, one person stood out in the crowd: President William Greer himself. In a poignant farewell speech to campus faculty and staff, Greer addressed his retirement and plans for the future of the college. In typical Greer fashion, he Read More

A New Opening to an Old Favorite

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Elizabeth Sims Weekender Editor The Chrysler Museum of Arts has been a cultural staple in Norfolk since its grand opening in 1932 as the Norfolk Museum of Arts and Science. Since then, the museum has gone through several minor renovations to keep up with the times. However, in 2011, the board of trustees decided to Read More

‘More than a team’

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Thomas Mills For the first time in years, the VWC Men’s Soccer preseason camp is filled with an air of high hopes and swagger. Winners of last season’s Old Dominion Athletic Conference Championship, the Marlins powered their way through the regular season with a 16-5-1 record, their best in three years, and earned an NCAA Read More