A new visitor to the Red Planet

1 year ago Nicholas Mundy Comments Off on A new visitor to the Red Planet
Every person in NASA’s launch room sits forward avidly, listening to the meter countdown as the Insight draws closer to Mars. 200 meters. NASA has had eight successful landings on the aptly-dubbed ‘Red Planet,’ but this will be the first landing of its kind. 80 meters. The spacecraft is not on its projected course, and Read More

Credit changes quietly take effect

1 year ago Mickella Rast Comments Off on Credit changes quietly take effect
Along with lauded changes to the campus infrastructure and the addition of new buildings, other changes have silently taken effect. Beginning Spring 2019, the student academic credit policy will change. According to the new general policy, available online and in the student catalog, day students may take up to 18 credits each fall or spring Read More

Same planet, new efforts

1 year ago Mickella Rast Comments Off on Same planet, new efforts
Though VWU is engaged in more large-scale efforts, most notably the new Greer Environmental Sciences Center and the solar SmartFlower, there are other, smaller scale projects that are soon to come. Several of the projects will give students alternate options to charge their phones or other electronic devices. A bike will soon be available on Read More

K-9 war hero visits campus

1 year ago Rebecca Schamel Comments Off on K-9 war hero visits campus
Chewie, a member of the Virginia Beach K-9 force with his handler Sgt. C. J. Tull. Service dogs like Chewie are normally obtained around the age of one and a half years old. After 10 to 12 weeks of training they are put into service and their normal tenure is seven years. This makes the Read More

Port Day success

1 year ago Cynthia Griffin Comments Off on Port Day success
The Lighthouse is known for the help that they give students with undergraduate research, study away opportunities and career guidance. The one thing that ties all of those things together is Port Day. Port Day is a Virginia Wesleyan event that is held each semester. On Port Day there are no classes, meetings or athletic Read More

Jazz Ensemble plays with pep

1 year ago Ashllee Spurlock Comments Off on Jazz Ensemble plays with pep
Drums, trombone, alto sax, flutes and trumpets are not usually what comes to mind when thinking about Virginia Wesleyan home basketball games, but thanks to Jason Squinobal and the Jazz Ensemble it is a reality for students of our campus. “I’ve been playing drums for my church for about 10 years now but when I Read More

Perplexing poinsettias 

1 year ago Co-Written Comments Off on Perplexing poinsettias 
I realize that most people consider poinsettias to be a holiday or Christmas flower. They are sold in excess during this time of year as they are one of the few flowers that are easily available in winter. There are many reasons to like them. They can brighten up a room with their vibrant red Read More

Ding dong, the bell tower is not gone

1 year ago Jonathan Joyer Comments Off on Ding dong, the bell tower is not gone
Virginia Wesleyan University is an institution that continues expanding every year it maintains operations. Each year new projects spring up and innovations are made to the campus and our connections to the community. One of the latest projects VWU has been showing off is the renovation of the Bell Tower outside of the Monumental Chapel. Read More

Jolly old Saint Lucifer

1 year ago Douglas Hardman Comments Off on Jolly old Saint Lucifer
‘Tis the season to hail Satan! Yes, you read that right. With the nauseating Christmas tunes and decorations rearing their head way too early once again, I encourage you to look towards the true symbol, icon and representation of holiday beliefs: the Dark Lord himself. While many of us love the holiday season, it’s definitely Read More

Men’s Lacrosse ‘All in’ for charity ruck

1 year ago Megan Sherman Comments Off on Men’s Lacrosse ‘All in’ for charity ruck
The men’s lacrosse team participated in the “4th Annual All in All the Time Charity Ruck” on Veteran’s Day, Nov. 11. This event required each team member to run, or walk, 12.99 miles on the Virginia Beach oceanfront with 30 pounds in their backpacks in an effort to raise money for the families of Naval Read More