Inclusion is Key

1 year ago Wynter Bond Comments Off on Inclusion is Key
So, we have to talk about Black Panther (sorry, not sorry). I have seen just about every superhero movie, seeing as how my mother is low-key obsessed with Marvel. We always stay after the credits to see the bonus scenes, even if that means staying around sticky floors and popcorn riddled air for far too Read More

Students react to free college initiative

1 year ago Caimaya Ashton Comments Off on Students react to free college initiative
Many people are hesitant about attending college because of the price it costs to attend. However, things have gotten easier and more affordable now that there are free college options. US News and the Huffington Post are just two outlets that have covered this rising form of higher education. There is a good variety of Read More

Transformation Thursday

1 year ago Brianna Clarkson Comments Off on Transformation Thursday
Four years may seem like a lifetime for some people, but for others it seems to go by too fast here at Virginia Wesleyan University. In those four, years students change and go through life experiences that will leave a lasting impression on them forever. Brandon Kussmaull is just one of the many seniors here Read More

Ehh… What’s Up, Doc?

1 year ago Emily Vial Comments Off on Ehh… What’s Up, Doc?
The Honorary Easter Bunny of the City of Virginia Beach is still hopping strong this year! Junior the Bunny, resident of The Bunny Hutch, is America’s largest Bunny as proven by the Guiness Book of World Records. He is of a breed known as the Continental Giant, and has become a dear friend of this Read More

Career and internship fair prepares students

1 year ago Jenna Whitener Comments Off on Career and internship fair prepares students
For most students, going to college and getting a higher education is a way to prepare and qualify them for a career. To help prepare students in as many ways possible, Virginia Wesleyan holds a Career and Internship Fair annually. This year’s Career and Internship Fair was held on Mar. 8 from 10 a.m. until Read More

Getting ready for March Madness

1 year ago Luke Chiasson Comments Off on Getting ready for March Madness
It’s March, baby, and we all know what that means: the NCAA basketball tournament is here and it is time to drop all responsibilities to watch basketball. As a die-hard sports fan, this upcoming weekend is truly my favorite weekend of sports all year. There are games on all day Thursday-Sunday with upsets, buzzer beaters, Read More

A new ambassador program

1 year ago Marlyn Silva Comments Off on A new ambassador program
Visiting a country that one is unfamiliar with can be intimidating. Committing to receive a form of education in a different country is a whole different story. Recently, it has been proposed that Virginia Wesleyan University have plans to start an ambassador program for current students to help international students become acclimated to the campus Read More

Religious freedom starts at the Caf: providing kosher and halal food options

1 year ago Jasmine Demir Comments Off on Religious freedom starts at the Caf: providing kosher and halal food options
I am proud to say that Virginia Wesleyan University is an inclusive, understanding place, but if there was one place on campus I would make more inclusive, it would be the cafeteria. The cafeteria has undergone many changes in the past few semesters and, in my opinion, has gotten better. The next step the cafeteria Read More

Fortnite Gains a Following

1 year ago Emily Vial Comments Off on Fortnite Gains a Following
It’s no secret that college students and video games go together like peanut butter and jelly, so when a new game makes a splash on campus it’s not long before there is a solid community of players. This is especially true for online multiplayers like Overwatch, Minecraft or the newest sensation, Fortnite. Created by the Read More

Fans Marvel Over “Black Panther”

1 year ago Allaina Boggs Comments Off on Fans Marvel Over “Black Panther”
One of the latest movies to hit the screens, and undoubtedly one of the most talked about movies of 2018 so far is Marvel’s newest addition to its vast superhero collection, “Black Panther.” However, “Black Panther” isn’t seen as only a movie, but a movement. The film opens up on our hero, T’Challa, the newest Read More