Mold at VWU: a timeline

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2018: Smithdeal Hall Mold has once again appeared in Smithdeal Hall and other rooms throughout Allen Village, formerly Village II. Several students reported coming back from a break in preparation for Hurricane Florence and finding mold on the walls, beds and floors. Several students have come forward with concerns about their health. 2017: Bray, Allen Read More

New program manager coming soon

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As Virginia Wesleyan expands its ties in the local community, other partnerships have been strengthened, as well. The Virginia Center for Inclusive Communities (VCIC) has chosen Wesleyan as the home of its first satellite office outside of Richmond. The new program manager will develop and maintain a network of connections across the Hampton Roads area Read More

Hello, mold

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As part of an effort to combat mold in the dorms, air blasts from industrial fans in the stairwells of Smithdeal Hall, located in Allen Village (formerly Village II). Before Hurricane Florence, some students evacuated, not knowing what kind of damages would occur. Although the hurricane luckily did not hugely impact Hampton Roads, some students Read More

From the CDC: how to remove mold

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Tips from the Center for Disease Control (CDC) on how to get rid of mold and mildew permanently. Protect- Make sure to wear personal protective equipment to protect your eyes, nose, mouth and skin when cleaning up mold. Toss- Throw away or move outside anything affected by mold that can’t be cleaned and dried completely Read More

Coca-Cola ‘goes green’

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When the new Coca-Cola Georgia Peach and California Raspberry soda flavors hit shelves in March, they may have a third contender to watch out for in the future: cannabis. Reports have surfaced that Coca-Cola has been eyeing the rising cannabis industry in America to work on a collaboration. Cannabidiol, or CBD oil, is a legal Read More

Mud games: a dirty tradition

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This past Friday, Sept. 21, Virginia Wesleyan held its annual Mud Games on Rose Lawn. This event was hosted by the Wesleyan Activities Council (WAC). Mud Games is a Virginia Wesleyan tradition in which students, faculty and staff gather into teams of 4-8, and compete in various competitions while in the mud. The games include Read More

Deconstruction of Shakespeare

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Dr. Martine Kei Green-Rogers gave a seminar detailing the deconstruction of traditional colonialist views in William Shakespeare’s plays on Thursday, Sept. 20. Green explained how her own history: studying theater at Virginia Wesleyan, her decision to be a dramaturge and her experience in theaters across the country impacted her current life. Dr. Sally Shedd said, Read More

Dr. Bob’s many years of teaching

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An organized mess of papers fills the entire office of one of the longest-tenured professors at Virginia Wesleyan. Papers on top of papers filled with information almost touched the ceiling. Dr. Robert B. Albertson has been passing his mnemonics and other teaching techniques for nearly four decades at Virginia Wesleyan. He is more formally known Read More

In case you missed it

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‘Black and White’ art collection Diane Edison’s “Black and White” art collection will be on display from now until Nov. 2 in the Neil Britton Art Gallery located in Hofheimer Library. The collection features portraitures that Edison created using color pencils on black paper. Her art has been exhibited in the US as well as Read More

Florence’s campus impact

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The arrival of Hurricane Florence changed the schedule of classes, campus events and especially the athletic schedule for student athletes. With issues of flooding in previous years, the university wanted to ensure that their students and community members were safe on campus. In the days leading up to when Hurricane Florence was supposed to hit Read More