A Penny For Your Nightmares

9 months ago Valery Caraballo Comments Off on A Penny For Your Nightmares
Reach your hand into the chest of the monster who traumatize your entire childhood and crush his heart until much like your fear, it is nothing but dust. Do we still fear 1990 Pennywise? If you are going to the movie theater with the expectations of a horrific yet nostalgic movie, it does not do Read More

Hide And Go Die

9 months ago Valery Caraballo Comments Off on Hide And Go Die
Everyone loves a good game of hide and seek. For Samara Weaving, who played new bride Grace, this was very different from a childhood game. The film is a combination of horror and comedy  and full of mystery that keeps the audience on their toes while still having a good laugh. A family ritual made Read More

MCU Later

9 months ago Makiah Ellis Comments Off on MCU Later
The Amazing Spider-Man is leaving the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The Marvel Cinematic Universe is a well-known media franchise that brings comic book superheroes to life in films. Marvel Studios is a very successful company owned by the Walt Disney Company. The superheroes in Marvel are well-known, but the most popular are the Avengers.  The Avengers Read More

Head coaches enter first year

9 months ago Miles Christian Comments Off on Head coaches enter first year
The start of a new school year brings in the new faces of the freshmen class and transfer students. However, there are some new faces in the athletic department as well, as the women’s basketball and women’s lacrosse team both hired new head coaches: Liz Hudy for women’s basketball and Nicole DeSalvia for women’s lacrosse.  Read More

Volleyball’s historic start

9 months ago Nicholas Mundy Comments Off on Volleyball’s historic start
With a record of 9-3, the Virginia Wesleyan volleyball team is off to its best start in over a decade. From the moment of the first tournament they hosted here at Virginia Wesleyan to now, the team has been unmatched. There are six seniors that are leading the way for the Marlins. These six seniors Read More

Women’s soccer starts strong despite injuries

9 months ago Jordan Wilson Comments Off on Women’s soccer starts strong despite injuries
Despite a recent injury bug, the Virginia Wesleyan women’s soccer team is off to a 3-1-2 start. The Marlins won their first two games by a margin of eight goals. These two games were in an exhibition tournament hosted by our very own women’s soccer team. This tournament consisted of four teams: Luther, Westfield St., Read More

Adulting 101: Making college feel like home

9 months ago Kylea McCarel Comments Off on Adulting 101: Making college feel like home
Packing your things, moving cities and starting a whole new life can be daunting, especially if you’re going to a new community with new people, places and activities. College, for many, is at the top of this list. Making new friends, starting classes, and feeling at home in your new environment is something all students Read More

Marlins storm the Involvement Fair

9 months ago Karleigh Warren Comments Off on Marlins storm the Involvement Fair
College can be a difficult transition for new students that do not know many other people on campus. One way to meet new people and make friends is to seek out groups who have made connections with other people on campus with the same interests. The Student Involvement Fair creates an opportunity for new students Read More

Power outage disadvantages students

9 months ago Dalton Powers Comments Off on Power outage disadvantages students
In our digital world, a power outage can cripple a college campus. Power outages can happen for all different reasons. These reasons can include anything from Dominion Energy performing maintenance on the power lines that feed our campus to a storm knocking out power lines to a car running into a pole. Thus, an outage Read More

Donor funds new African-American Studies Program

9 months ago Markaysha Bryant Comments Off on Donor funds new African-American Studies Program
An academic plan for African-American studies is coming to VWU, fulfilling a big need for students and the community. A new donor-funded African-American studies program will soon launch at Virginia Wesleyan University. On Aug. 23, 2019 at the State of the University Address, Scott D. Miller, President of Virginia Wesleyan University, announced that the University Read More