Phony Fears and Fake Phobias

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CONNER PEDERSON Staff Writer There are a plethora of animals, inanimate objects and expressions that scare me. However, when I think about it, they shouldn’t. I believe that as humans we tend to create many fears within ourselves, based off of one or two bad experiences, and allow these fears to grow. Here are some Read More

Trashy trends of 2013

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ELIZABETH SIMS Social Media Editor It’s that time of the year again. The time when we look back and think about all of the things we said, wore, did, watched, and read in the past year that we completely regret, and then choose to never think about it again. So, in no particular order, the Read More

Good vibes, no wanking

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SHAY MILLS Opinions Editor If there was anything I never expected to see in college, a “No Masturbation” notice would be the first on my list. Too bad they actually exist, well sort of. According to HuffPost College, schools from all over the country have been posting letters mandating that students avoid masturbating in the Read More

Norfolk slated for outlet mall

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AOIFE BRANCO News Editor Nike, The North Face, Michael Kors. These are just some of the many designer brands that have outlets in Williamsburg. Soon, these brands could call Northampton Boulevard home. In January, Simon Property Group Inc., the country’s largest owner of malls and outlet centers, announced plans to redevelop the Lake Wright Golf Read More

True happiness

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TAYLOR BOYD Staff Writer For centuries, humans have been baffled by a phenomenon that we all experience and cherish: happiness. Many feel that happiness is composed of having the latest fashions from Chanel or Versace, or owning luxurious cars such as a Ferrari or Bugatti. Usually the general consensus of happiness revolves around having money, Read More

The impression she left behind

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RAYVEN DAVIS Community Editor Dr. Tina Aldrich is gone from this space, but her spirit remains on campus. As 2013 came to an end, so did the life of a treasured and valued Marlin with the passing of Dr. Tina Aldrich on Dec. 27. Dr. Aldrich was diagnosed in October of last year with uterine Read More

Lost and found find new homes

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EMME SOROHAN Staff Writer Whether it is a homemade sweater, childhood t-shirt or an expensive North Face jacket, in two weeks time, lost clothing articles could wind up on the back of a less fortunate person. Every week students and faculty receive an email from Administrative Assistant Training Officer C.J. Sholler, titled “Lost and Found.” Read More

Snow sticks around

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KACI PARKER Community Editor Mother Nature finally answered the prayers of students, faculty and staff when snow covered the campus community. Classes and activities were canceled, resulting in a well-deserved break for all. Having a few days off allowed some to play catch-up. Much studying, completing assignments, and preparing for classes took priority while students Read More

Student takes stage

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KACI PARKER Community Editor Sophomore Kwame Harris has found something he is passionate about. Performing has become an outlet in which he can showcase his rapping abilities. “Rap is essentially poetry over a beat,” said Harris. “It’s giving my experiences and feelings to the audience; I rap over sets that are pre-recorded, but quieter, so Read More

Campus threat

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AOIFE BRANCO News Editor Last week the Virginia Wesleyan College campus received a direct threat from a former student, Aaron Robinson, via social media. An email notification was sent out to students, faculty and staff to notify them of the threat. A picture of Robinson was attached to the email along with guidelines to stay Read More