Luck of the draw

3 months ago Valery Caraballo Comments Off on Luck of the draw
An unknown local Norfolk resident won a major lottery prize, causing others in the area to reflect on what the money could mean to them.   It’s 11:49 p.m. and you’re still finishing up your paper that is due at midnight, your hand reaches into your jacket pocket which contains the winning lottery numbers that had Read More

Virginia elections: the results are in

3 months ago Dalton Powers Comments Off on Virginia elections: the results are in
The November election results are in.  It is time to look at how the races fared and what impact the Wesleyan community had on Election Day. According to The New York Times, following the Virginia General Election on Nov. 5, there has been a major shift in our representation. The Virginia State Senate now consists Read More

Recycling in Hampton Roads

3 months ago Alex Powers Comments Off on Recycling in Hampton Roads
While the outlook of recycling in the region faces obstacles, Virginia Wesleyan University’s commitment to sustainability persists. Recycling in the Hampton Roads area has a difficult challenge ahead.  Recycling is becoming more integral to community plans for sustainability, but it is also becoming more expensive.   How to save these recycling programs is the next question Read More

NATO war simulation engages students

3 months ago Dalton Powers Comments Off on NATO war simulation engages students
Over a dozen Virginia Wesleyan students spent the week at the NATO Innovation Hub, working alongside military officials to simulate a war game. Virginia Wesleyan University’s unique relationship with the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation (NATO) was exhibited when students took part in a decision-making simulation at the organization’s Innovation Hub Nov. 4 through Nov. 8.  Read More

New Halloween petition

4 months ago Connor Merk Comments Off on New Halloween petition
A small movement is stirring to change the date when Halloween is celebrated. The Halloween & Costume Association (HCA) previously had a petition to change Halloween’s date from Oct. 31 to the last Saturday in October. Instead the HCA is looking to create a National Trick or Treat Day, which will take place on the Read More

Shooting at MacArthur Center Mall

4 months ago Markaysha Bryant Comments Off on Shooting at MacArthur Center Mall
A shooting at the popular shopping mall in Downtown Norfolk earlier this month had a big impact on some students. On Oct. 14, 2019 two people were shot at MacArthur Center in Norfolk, Virginia. The Virginian-Pilot reported that there were two victims, a 56-year-old woman, who police confirmed was an innocent bystander, and a 23-year-old Read More

Virginia election preview

4 months ago Connor Merk Comments Off on Virginia election preview
On Tuesday, Nov. 5, voters in Virginia will head to the polls to vote for candidates for the House of Delegates, State Senate and other local positions depending on their locality. The polls will be open between 6 a.m. and 7 p.m. Virginia Wesleyan students on campus who are registered to vote will be voting Read More

Virginia Beach Beautification Project

4 months ago Alex Powers Comments Off on Virginia Beach Beautification Project
Improvements to the infrastructure and general cleanliness of the oceanfront are grabbing attention from the area’s denizens. Atlantic Avenue, down on the oceanfront of Virginia Beach, is getting upgraded.  Residents in the resort area of the beach spot are taking initiative to improve areas of the city. As the Virginian-Pilot reports, this group has been Read More

Resident assistant fired

4 months ago Alex Powers Comments Off on Resident assistant fired
On Friday, Oct. 10, junior Miranda Ward received the news that her employment as a resident assistant was terminated.   This came after the publication of a news story that featured Ward in the Marlin Chronicle’s last issue, which appeared on newsstands on Thursday, Oct. 9. The issue included a news story, beginning on the front Read More

Smithdeal Hall residents evacuated to hotels

5 months ago Alex Powers Comments Off on Smithdeal Hall residents evacuated to hotels
What’s the Smith-deal? On Sept. 19, the residents of Smithdeal Hall were informed by Virginia Wesleyan University administration that the hall would be vacated temporarily for renovation. Smithdeal is a residence hall in Allen Village, or Village II as it is known informally.  In the interim, many students are relocated to a nearby hotel.  The Read More