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Something’s in the water after all

7 months ago Ashllee Spurlock Comments Off on Something’s in the water after all
Musician, producer and Virginia Beach native Pharrell Williams has announced a three-day festival named “Something in the Water,” which is set to take place this spring, from April 26-28. This cultural event is set to take place during college beach weekend, the time where many colleges join together on the oceanfront for laughter, drinks and Read More

Jam Session

8 months ago Tani Martinez Comments Off on Jam Session
Student musicians talk about where they go to play together Playing alone in your room can be fun on its own, but depending on who you ask, some may say playing with another person or at a store can be way more fun. We explore some of the various places on- and off-campus that you Read More

Grammys Gone Wild

8 months ago Ashllee Spurlock Comments Off on Grammys Gone Wild
After the Super Bowl, many of us anxiously watch the NFL fans settle their excitement so the music critics, movie watchers and binge watchers can come out to play for what seems to be a controversial season,  from the Oscars to our favorite, the Grammys. “I looked up some of the outfits seen on the Read More


8 months ago Tani Martinez Comments Off on SLURRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRP!
Staff Writer Tani Martinez Explores The Hampton Roads Ramen Scene The microwavable pasta that college students identify as ramen is vastly different from the real thing.  College ramen is instantly made in the microwave from a dried brick of pasta and a flavor packet. Step outside that dorm room into the Hampton Roads area and Read More

Kingdom Close

8 months ago Tony Tann Comments Off on Kingdom Close
Weekender Editor Tony Tann Reviews Kingdom Hearts 3 It’s been over thirteen years since we last saw a mainline entry in the Kingdom Hearts series. Since Kingdom Hearts 2, video games have evolved massively, breaking barriers both in terms of gameplay and storytelling. In some ways, the long-awaited Kingdom Hearts III falls just shy of Read More

The Eavesdropping Apple

8 months ago Ashllee Spurlock Comments Off on The Eavesdropping Apple
A new bug was introduced to iPhone users in the latest update of iOS 12.1.4 on Feb 7.  Apple disabled its Group FaceTime feature after many users, including students on the VWU campus, reported that iPhone users could listen in on conversations without them picking up the call or know they were being monitored. Freshman Read More

The Gift of Gizmos

10 months ago Garry Sjodin Comments Off on The Gift of Gizmos
Everybody has that one relative or one friend that they struggle to find a gift for. Many will wait till the last minute in hopes that the more stores they visit then they’re bound to see something jump out at them, but that’s not always the case. Have no fear! Amazon is here! Amazon offers Read More

A mean green reboot

10 months ago Nica Nakagomi Comments Off on A mean green reboot
Get ready for small hearts to grow three sizes big as Dr. Seuss’ “The Grinch” reminds its audience what this holiday season truly is about. That is, Christmas does not lie in external things, but is a special feeling that lives in one’s heart. Those who grew up reading the book, seeing the 1966 television Read More

Movie Review: ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’

11 months ago Nica Nakagomi Comments Off on Movie Review: ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’
The music is the message. Is this the real life? Is this just fantasy? Maybe it doesn’t really matter. Rami Malek, with his pronounced teeth, 70s rock star locks and flamboyant fashion, brings forth an exhilarating performance as Freddie Mercury in the biopic “Bohemian Rhapsody.” Both casual and hard core Queen fans will sing along Read More

Farewell Apu

11 months ago Garry Sjodin Comments Off on Farewell Apu
The Simpsons bid farewell to Apu this year after a public outcry for the removal of the character based on prejudicial and stereotypical representations of southeastern Asians. The outcry began to catch traction after comedian Hari Kondabolu released the documentary, The Problem with Apu, in 2017. Since then Hari has appeared on talk shows, such Read More