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Wild wild world

5 months ago Tony Tann Comments Off on Wild wild world
You begin “The Outer Worlds” lost in space. No, not the netflix series or the 90s movie, but something still went awry while you slept in a cryogenic freezer on your way to the distant colony of Halcyon. Thankfully, a fugitive known as Phineas Welles defrosts your character, Captain America-style and lets you out of Read More

Top 10 billboard songs

5 months ago Makiah Ellis Comments Off on Top 10 billboard songs
As we kick off the beginning of the year 2020, Billboard conducts a weekly list based off of the song’s active streams. As the music industry continues to grow and change on a daily basis, Billboard decides to keep up with the industry by providing an updated list. The list is an effective way to Read More

Food review: Omelette proves to be no yolk

5 months ago marlin-chronicle Comments Off on Food review: Omelette proves to be no yolk
It’s 3 a.m. You’ve just gotten through a 7-hour study session, which we all know is code for partying at the local club since 8. Your legs are tired and your stomach is talking to you. It needs food, now. What on earth could be open and willing to serve you and your tired friends? Read More

Rapper Pop Smoke dead at age 20

5 months ago Valery Caraballo Comments Off on Rapper Pop Smoke dead at age 20
Recently, one of our youngest upcoming rappers was taken from us far too soon. Based on the relatable music he made for the forgotten portion of society, it was heartbreaking to learn that on Feb. 19, 2020 Smoke was fatally shot in a home invasion in the home he was renting in Hollywood Hills.    Though Read More

Royal rumble recap

6 months ago Tony Tann Comments Off on Royal rumble recap
Edge is back, and Drew McIntyre is a star. Those are two takeaways from Sunday, Jan. 26’s strong Royal Rumble pay-per-view at Minute Maid Park in Houston, Texas. Edge was the big surprise of the show, and based on the ending of Monday’s Raw looks to feud with old tag partner Randy Orton. But the Read More

62nd Annual Grammy recognizes more than artists

6 months ago Makiah Ellis Comments Off on 62nd Annual Grammy recognizes more than artists
On Jan. 26, 2020, the 62nd Annual Grammy Awards was held at the Staples Center with musician Alicia Keys as a host. The show was held the day as the death of basketball player Kobe Bryant, his daughter Gianna, as well as nine others who were in the same helicopter. The Staples Center, where the Read More

Let’s get Lo’d

6 months ago Valery Caraballo Comments Off on Let’s get Lo’d
Valery Caraballo is a sophomore political science major with an interest in writing and music. This column will include a number of untouched media that pique the interest of many college students, because who isn’t worried about drama and music? The halftime show was truly the performance we didn’t know we needed. As part of Read More

Un Marvel-ous

9 months ago Tony Tann Comments Off on Un Marvel-ous
In an interview with Empire, Martin Scorsese addressed the culture-dominating influence of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. To put it mildly, he finds them…less than appealing. “I don’t see them. I tried, you know? But that’s not cinema,” Scorsese told the magazine. “Honestly, the closest I can think of them as well made as they are, Read More

Streaming showdown

9 months ago Miles Christian Comments Off on Streaming showdown
As more and more people start to use streaming services for their entertainment on the television, cable TV is dying faster and faster. With streaming services becoming more and more popular by the day, cable TV is becoming more and more saturated. Cable TV is becoming saturated because it is too expensive and it doesn’t Read More

Premium pods

9 months ago Jordan Wilson Comments Off on Premium pods
Remember when it was a really big trend to have a pair of Airpods? People who had AirPods were looked at as people with money. Now that everyone has invested in trying to get a pair of AirPods, it’s not the same hype when you see somebody with a pair on. That is why Apple Read More