1 year ago Wynter Bond Comments Off on #RoleModels
Columnist Wynter Bond examines portrayals of women of color in popular culture. There has been so much going on lately. With conversations laden with heavy material such as gun control and pointless American Idol drivel, it seems as though lighthearted antics can be hard to come by. When it comes down to it, we all Read More

Metal over man

1 year ago Ashley Kline Comments Off on Metal over man
Tech companies such as Amazon and Facebook cause humanitarian concerns. Many think of new technological advancements as blessings, but what if they’re simply wolves in sheeps’ clothing? Recent controversies with internet-based companies, such as Facebook and Amazon, beg the question whether or not such companies should be regulated. I say that changing climates call for Read More

$5 transcripts

1 year ago Jonathan Joyer Comments Off on $5 transcripts
Wesleyan charges students for transcripts As students, we struggle to keep up with the day-to-day financial issues that arise in college. Whether the expenses are related to school or not, we must always continue to stay on top of them. I bring this point up because of a recent change that Virginia Wesleyan has made Read More

Keeping campus safe

1 year ago Mickella Rast Comments Off on Keeping campus safe
A series of perspectives on gun control in the academic world With the March for Our Lives event not far behind us, and student protests still continuing across the country, the last installation in the “Keeping Campus Safe” series focuses on a student’s perspective. Madalyn Chevalier is a junior who has followed the events of Read More

Using sports to take your mind off of classwork

1 year ago Luke Chiasson Comments Off on Using sports to take your mind off of classwork
Now that Villanova proved they are the best team in college basketball by dominating March Madness, it is officially baseball season. The start of the Major League Baseball season is a time for hope, unless you are a Miami Marlins or Tampa Bay Rays fan, then you have no hope, but for fans of the Read More

Building up the next generation through education

1 year ago Sabrina Lemons Comments Off on Building up the next generation through education
We the People of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union… I’m sure we’ve all heard the phrase in one form or another, once bitten twice shy! However, it seems in the 21st-century nobody wants to be reminded that they were bitten. This also brings to mind TV shows that I Read More

Tuition freeze: students react

1 year ago Farah Haidari Comments Off on Tuition freeze: students react
The Board of Trustees met earlier this year and reached the conclusion that the school should not raise tuition for the 2018-2019 school year. For the last 20 years, the school has been raising its tuition on a yearly basis. According to the press release sent on March 15, “We recognize that higher education is Read More

Zoo is Bloom

1 year ago Caimaya Ashton Comments Off on Zoo is Bloom
Spring means new babies to care for at Virginia Zoological Park. Every year, the zoo animals welcome new offspring to the world. This year, the Virginia Zoological Park in Norfolk has welcomed a few new babies to the world. A baby bongo and zebra have been welcomed in the year of 2018.   On March Read More

Marlin tennis keeps swinging

1 year ago Jenna Whitener Comments Off on Marlin tennis keeps swinging
Instead of taking time off from practice or going on vacation, both the men’s and women’s tennis team of Virginia Wesleyan University packed their gear and headed to Hilton Head, South Carolina where they competed in the Spring Tennis Fest hosted by Professional Tennis Registry. While there, the teams competed in matches against teams from Read More

Trump’s transgender policy

1 year ago Marlyn Silva Comments Off on Trump’s transgender policy
Since Trump took office, the United States has dealt with many issues and various setbacks. One of the many controversial issues surrounding the Trump administration is whether or not we should allow troops who identify as transgender serve our country through military service. There have been many talks on this topic dating back to President Read More