Is Virginia Wesleyan losing touch with its United Methodist Heritage?

1 year ago Co-Written Comments Off on Is Virginia Wesleyan losing touch with its United Methodist Heritage?
Among the many changes that have hit Virginia Wesleyan, the school decided to change its official mission statement. The new mission statement reads as follows, “An inclusive community dedicated to scholarship and service grounded in the liberal arts and sciences, Virginia Wesleyan University inspires students to build meaningful lives through engagement in Coastal Virginia’s dynamic Read More

“She Kills Monsters” Hits the VWU Stage

1 year ago Julie Ainsley Comments Off on “She Kills Monsters” Hits the VWU Stage
The light shines on a setting from a different world and an ominous voice shares the history of “Dungeons and Dragons.” She then introduces the Tilly Evans, who is a well-known Dungeons and Dragons player. The light then shines on our hero, her sister Agnes. “She Kills Monsters” shares a story about Agnes discovering her Read More

Dress Codes

1 year ago Wynter Bond Comments Off on Dress Codes
So, I’ve noticed something since I’ve started college almost four years ago. It’s something so ridiculously crazy, so baffling, that I never thought it would exist… Guys, I can have my shoulders exposed and those of the male persuasion SOMEHOW still are able to learn and get an education. Flashback to high school with me, Read More

Bye Tel Aviv, hello Jerusalem

1 year ago Farah Haidari Comments Off on Bye Tel Aviv, hello Jerusalem
Trump orders the relocation of the U.S. embassy to Jerusalem This past December President Trump said he wanted to move the U.S.embassy in Israel from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. However, it has now been announced that Trump plans to move the embassy this May, when Israel will celebrate its 70th year as a country. A Read More

Perks of being a Marlin

1 year ago Camille Benz Comments Off on Perks of being a Marlin
Virginia Wesleyan offers some surprising perks to students. When students research a database, article or book, they limit themselves to the same sources. Hofheimer Library and IT Services have access to much more, and here are some sources that go beyond article searching databases. Mango Languages: it is a program where you can learn a Read More

Not your average student-athletes

1 year ago Megan Sherman Comments Off on Not your average student-athletes
The student-athlete juggles schoolwork, practices and the stress that comes with being on a highly competitive sports team while also taking college level classes. Taking this into account, the schedule of the student-athlete-entrepreneur is even more strenuous. Alex Vawter and Chris Baker are both freshmen student-athletes who play baseball. Both also play integral roles in Read More

Alum Advice

1 year ago Brianna Clarkson Comments Off on Alum Advice
There is a mixture of feelings that comes with being a senior. Usually bittersweet, as students have the excitement of knowing that you are about to be finished with your undergrad, but also the stress knowing that your life is soon about to begin. Virginia Wesleyan has many alumni that have gone through the mixed Read More

Inclusion is Key

1 year ago Wynter Bond Comments Off on Inclusion is Key
So, we have to talk about Black Panther (sorry, not sorry). I have seen just about every superhero movie, seeing as how my mother is low-key obsessed with Marvel. We always stay after the credits to see the bonus scenes, even if that means staying around sticky floors and popcorn riddled air for far too Read More

Students react to free college initiative

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Many people are hesitant about attending college because of the price it costs to attend. However, things have gotten easier and more affordable now that there are free college options. US News and the Huffington Post are just two outlets that have covered this rising form of higher education. There is a good variety of Read More

Transformation Thursday

1 year ago Brianna Clarkson Comments Off on Transformation Thursday
Four years may seem like a lifetime for some people, but for others it seems to go by too fast here at Virginia Wesleyan University. In those four, years students change and go through life experiences that will leave a lasting impression on them forever. Brandon Kussmaull is just one of the many seniors here Read More