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Opening the envelope

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Glenn Rose Staff Writer The start of the year means a lot of things, one of which is award shows. Many of them do a good job of reflecting what movies, shows, and songs have been the best throughout the year. Most of the time you only end up hearing about these award shows’ decisions Read More

Unfortunate start to February

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ANDREW MULLEN Arts & Entertainment Editor On February 2, actor and director Philip Seymour Hoffman was found dead in Manhattan due to a heroin overdose. Hoffman, 46, struggled with substance abuse and addiction on and off for years, and has become a favorite actor among many adoring fans. Hoffman appeared in a slew of popular Read More

“Catching Fire” takes flight

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Emily Gibson Staff Writer The phenomenon continues to build strength as the sequel is released and audiences across the world are engulfed and amazed “This is not a fairy tale; it’s a war, and in war, there are tragic losses that must be mourned,” said Suzanne Collins of her “Hunger Games” book series. The wildly Read More

Blackheart bombshells

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COURTNEY JONES Staff Writer The Blackheart Burlesque ‘Suicide Girls’ take the stage at the NorVa. Pop culture, comedy, catchy songs and stripteases come together in a show like no other. This November at the NorVa, some of the most beautiful bombshells to walk this earth will be center stage for a night that promises unforgettable Read More

The day of the Doctor

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EMILY GIBSON Staff Writer Do you know who Davros is? What you should not do around a Weeping Angel? What the Law 57 of the Shadow Proclamation prohibits? The answers to these questions can be found in Britain’s longest running and most popular science fiction series, “Doctor Who.” The first episode of “Doctor Who” premiered Read More

Marlin Artist Spotlight: Victoria Macoul

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Kelly Marvel Staff Writer Creative opportunities abound at VWC, and junior Victoria Macoul is ready to create something entirely her own while doing an independent film study over the upcoming spring semester. Macoul, a Communications major and English minor, is combining her passion for film and her talent for connecting with others to produce a Read More

Bo Burnham’s ‘Egghead’

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Glenn Rose Staff Writer Bo Burnham is a 23-year old comedian who has gained a lot of success despite his young age. His first comedy special aired on Comedy Central when he was 18, making him the youngest comedian ever featured on that station. He started with YouTube videos to gain popularity until he was Read More

Men will be men

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ELIZABETH SIMS Staff Writer Your boyfriend is on there. So is that hook-up from last week, your ex-boyfriend and your crush. But so are your brothers, your dad and your friend who died last year. Nearly every man in your life is on the app Lulu. What is so special about this app? It has Read More

Pokémon is back

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GLENN ROSE Staff Writer The entertainment craze Pokémon was first unleashed upon Japan in 1996 and has since taken the world by storm. The series started out as a simple top-down adventure and role playing game, and has evolved to become a beautiful representation of the story that many college students know and love from Read More

The haunted halls of Wesleyan

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Emily Gibson Staff Writer We are a generation raised to be afraid of the dark. From the first time we play “Bloody Mary” to the times we convinced ourselves that the door opened by itself, we are terrified of the things that go bump in the night. For the students here at Virginia Wesleyan, those Read More