The eating habits of Virginia Wesleyan athletes

1 year ago Megan Sherman Comments Off on The eating habits of Virginia Wesleyan athletes
A full class schedule, workouts, work and then still practice in the evening is about as demanding as a full-time job, if not moreso. The schedule of a student-athlete can be grueling, and running out of fuel is not a far-fetched concept or concern. In order to prevent burning out, what student-athletes nourish their bodies Read More

Men’s throwers top ODAC

1 year ago Joshua Gray Comments Off on Men’s throwers top ODAC
When it comes to track and field, shot-put and weight throw are two events that tend to be overlooked. However, throwers Coby Cockrell and Quentin Webert have made their presence known as they top the ODAC in the weight throw. The success of the men’s track team, and specifically the shot-put and weight throw events, put Read More

Women’s basketball takes Puerto Rico

1 year ago Alex Cortright Comments Off on Women’s basketball takes Puerto Rico
The women’s basketball team traveled to Puerto Rico this past December for their Nancy A. Kelly ‘15 Memorial Trip. Not only was this a business trip, but the team toured the streets of San Juan, went night kayaking and enjoyed team bonding with each other on the Caribbean island of Puerto Rico. This trip has Read More


1 year ago Tani Martinez Comments Off on SLURRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRP!
Staff Writer Tani Martinez Explores The Hampton Roads Ramen Scene The microwavable pasta that college students identify as ramen is vastly different from the real thing.  College ramen is instantly made in the microwave from a dried brick of pasta and a flavor packet. Step outside that dorm room into the Hampton Roads area and Read More

Kingdom Close

1 year ago Tony Tann Comments Off on Kingdom Close
Weekender Editor Tony Tann Reviews Kingdom Hearts 3 It’s been over thirteen years since we last saw a mainline entry in the Kingdom Hearts series. Since Kingdom Hearts 2, video games have evolved massively, breaking barriers both in terms of gameplay and storytelling. In some ways, the long-awaited Kingdom Hearts III falls just shy of Read More

The Eavesdropping Apple

1 year ago Ashllee Spurlock Comments Off on The Eavesdropping Apple
A new bug was introduced to iPhone users in the latest update of iOS 12.1.4 on Feb 7.  Apple disabled its Group FaceTime feature after many users, including students on the VWU campus, reported that iPhone users could listen in on conversations without them picking up the call or know they were being monitored. Freshman Read More

A new visitor to the Red Planet

2 years ago Nicholas Mundy Comments Off on A new visitor to the Red Planet
Every person in NASA’s launch room sits forward avidly, listening to the meter countdown as the Insight draws closer to Mars. 200 meters. NASA has had eight successful landings on the aptly-dubbed ‘Red Planet,’ but this will be the first landing of its kind. 80 meters. The spacecraft is not on its projected course, and Read More

Credit changes quietly take effect

2 years ago Mickella Rast Comments Off on Credit changes quietly take effect
Along with lauded changes to the campus infrastructure and the addition of new buildings, other changes have silently taken effect. Beginning Spring 2019, the student academic credit policy will change. According to the new general policy, available online and in the student catalog, day students may take up to 18 credits each fall or spring Read More

Same planet, new efforts

2 years ago Mickella Rast Comments Off on Same planet, new efforts
Though VWU is engaged in more large-scale efforts, most notably the new Greer Environmental Sciences Center and the solar SmartFlower, there are other, smaller scale projects that are soon to come. Several of the projects will give students alternate options to charge their phones or other electronic devices. A bike will soon be available on Read More

K-9 war hero visits campus

2 years ago Rebecca Schamel Comments Off on K-9 war hero visits campus
Chewie, a member of the Virginia Beach K-9 force with his handler Sgt. C. J. Tull. Service dogs like Chewie are normally obtained around the age of one and a half years old. After 10 to 12 weeks of training they are put into service and their normal tenure is seven years. This makes the Read More