Trial drives ‘Glee’ star to suicide

1 year ago Farah Haidari Comments Off on Trial drives ‘Glee’ star to suicide
“Glee” star Mark Salling committed suicide late last month. In October, Salling pleaded guilty to storing child pornography on his computer. People magazine said that Salling would have faced four to seven years in prison for pornography depicting a “prepubescent minor.” Federal investigators say they found more than 25,000 images and 600 videos depicting child Read More

The Dugout

1 year ago Luke Chiasson Comments Off on The Dugout
Now that my Super Bowl hangover is over and I am (almost) over Nick Foles beating my New England Patriots, I guess it is time to move onto the next major sporting event that is going on: the 2018 Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang, South Korea. The casual Olympics watcher may see “Olympic Athletes from Russia” Read More

Letting their hair down

1 year ago Ashley Kline Comments Off on Letting their hair down
Iranian women protest the traditional hijab Muslim women in Iran strive for freedom not from metallic chains, but fabric headscarves. Protests across the country surround perhaps the most controversial parts of the Muslim religion as it pertains to human rights, the hijab. For those of you who may not know, the hijab is the ritualistic Read More

Spring sports: what to expect

1 year ago Austin Edmonds Comments Off on Spring sports: what to expect
Baseball Key Returners- Brandon Kussmaul, Deon Hammond, Randy Neisz, Corey King Key Losses- Justin Erby, Taylor Erby, C.J Lindsay, Riley Koonce, Patrick Monteverde For the Marlins to improve on their 21-20 record from the 2017 season they are going to need to be led by their small group of seniors as well as they well Read More

Shedd shines in local production

1 year ago Emily Vial Comments Off on Shedd shines in local production
Theatre and Women’s and Gender Studies professor, Dr. Sally Shedd performs in a local theater performance of “Rapture Blister, Burn” by Gina Gionfriddo. A tinny broadcast of “I Am Woman Hear me Roar” fades away as the lights come up on a tense gathering of characters. Two women, instantly recognizable as being of different walks Read More

“Quiz with me and get some money”

1 year ago Allaina Boggs Comments Off on “Quiz with me and get some money”
HQ is the latest craze taking over our smartphones. The latest app to take over the lives of college kids, parents and more has been one that could prove as a source for additional learning. HQ Trivia, an app created by previous Vine owners Rus Yusupov and Colin Kroll, features different rounds of trivia and Read More

Starbucks makes a splash in the Grille

1 year ago Camille Benz Comments Off on Starbucks makes a splash in the Grille
Four words have been in every returning student’s mouth: “Starbucks at the Grille!” In front of the cash register at the Grille in Batten Center, the new Starbucks options are being called out every hour. In the fall semester, there were already some coffee options from the company, but the additional drinks go beyond just Read More

The Joy of Volunteering

1 year ago Jonathan Joyer Comments Off on The Joy of Volunteering
With the fall semester coming to a close in the coming weeks and the thoughts of winter break rolling into our minds, I am sure some are wondering if they will be doing something to occupy their time during the upcoming winter session. Since taking a winter session class can be expensive for all of Read More

Sexual Harassment/Misconduct in Politics

1 year ago Sabrina Lemons Comments Off on Sexual Harassment/Misconduct in Politics
What is it that women want in the leaders of their nation, senate, congress, state, legislature, delegates and others elected or appointed? This author cannot speak for the multitudes of women, but this one looks for someone who epitomizes some of  the 14 basic leadership traits: justice, judgement, dependability, integrity, decisiveness, tact, initiative, enthusiasm unselfishness, Read More

Going all natural

1 year ago Wynter Bond Comments Off on Going all natural
Growing up, I had long hair. It was almost to the small of my back, and my mom would take pictures to show her friends. They never believed her when she told them how long it was. I remember it seemed like it would take hours for my hair to get braided because of how Read More