Great response from NATO conference

2 years ago Camille Benz Comments Off on Great response from NATO conference
One of the most important political science events at our university occurred on Dec. 13 and 14 when ten of our own students attended the North Atlantic Treaty Organizations Chiefs of Transformation conference (COTC) here in Norfolk. The five countries participating at the conference were the U.S.A, Belgium, France, Germany, Spain, and United Kingdom. After Read More

From Slytherin to the diamond

2 years ago Megan Sherman Comments Off on From Slytherin to the diamond
And the sorting hat has spoken, Julie Fassl has been selected to Slytherin. Each member of the field hockey team is sorted into one of the four houses of Harry Potter by Coach Restivo. However, this multisport athlete is no villain, she’s just noted for her desire to be the best. As spring sports begin, Read More

Snapchat Update Angers Users

2 years ago Allaina Boggs Comments Off on Snapchat Update Angers Users
In recent weeks, popular social media app Snapchat dropped a major update, one that has been receiving a lot of feedback from its users worldwide. However, the major consensus of Snapchatters is overwhelmingly negative when it comes to opinions about the overall look and effectiveness of the update. The update was introduced to users in Read More

Changes to come for the general studies program

2 years ago Marlyn Silva Comments Off on Changes to come for the general studies program
After many years, Virginia Wesleyan University is looking to change their general studies program. The plan has been in the works for at least three years, thanks to a group of faculty members. Associate Professor Margaret Reese, director of the general studies program, called the current curriculum “kind of complicated.” The general studies courses range Read More

The Thrill of the Chill

2 years ago Caimaya Ashton Comments Off on The Thrill of the Chill
South Korea hosted the 2018 Winter Olympics from Feb. 9 to Feb. 25. The Olympics bring the joy of competition to the world as whole. Some watch front and center while others come together in their homes, but all are rooting for their favorites. “I love watching the Olympics, and as an athlete myself I Read More

Track finishes strong in ODAC

2 years ago Corey King Comments Off on Track finishes strong in ODAC
This past weekend, the Marlin men’s and women’s track and field teams competed in the ODAC Championship meet in Roanoke, Virginia. The women’s team placed fourth, while the men’s team placed 7th. Marissa Coombs, as usual, was one of the best runners at the meet. With the performance she put on at the championship meet, Read More

Marlin basketball teams’ season ends in ODAC tournament

2 years ago Austin Edmonds Comments Off on Marlin basketball teams’ season ends in ODAC tournament
Men’s Basketball The men’s team suffered a heartbreaking defeat against Randolph College February 20 by a score of 57-54. The Marlins started strong in the first half with good minutes from starters Lamont Steward, Corey White Jr., and Percy Burt, as well as, strong contributions from the bench as Tim Fisher scored eight points in Read More

Are The Academy Awards Ready to Say #TIMESUP?

2 years ago Emily Vial Comments Off on Are The Academy Awards Ready to Say #TIMESUP?
Dressed for a funeral or a red carpet? In their choice to don full black outfits, subverting the normal red-carpet status-quo of competitive designer get-ups, the Me Too and Time’s Up movements represented a funeral for Hollywood’s history of sexual violence. The 2018 Golden Globes marked the first time that Hollywood’s big-wigs convened in public Read More

What it takes to be a Marlin

2 years ago Brianna Kidwell Comments Off on What it takes to be a Marlin
On Saturday, Feb. 24 Virginia Wesleyan University welcomed prospective students who have made VWU part of their college choices. The day was filled with tours, games, meet and greet with staff and faculty and much more. Student and faculty were very much a part of the day as they were giving tours, playing games, or Read More

Bringing out the big guns

2 years ago Wynter Bond Comments Off on Bringing out the big guns
It appears as if the world has been plagued with gun violence as of late, especially where children are concerned. Nothing is scarier than a parent being at work only to receive a phone call or see on the news that their kid’s school has been the scene of school shooting. I couldn’t imagine being Read More