Potential playing possibilities

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BREANNA DUNN Staff Writer Many people know that VWC offers several intramural and club activities, but what do you do when the activity you want to be a part of does not exist? You take the initiative and create it, which is exactly what freshman Sorenda Bickerstaff, senior Jimmy Bowman and sophomore Forrest Teague are Read More

Marlins strive for new goals

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GABE HIGGINS Staff Writer The men’s soccer team had an astounding year in the 2012 season, but fell just short of a cinderella finish in the Old Dominion Athletic Conference (ODAC) tornament championship game. 109 minutes of the game had been played with a score of 0-0 on the scoreboard, and Roanoke stunned the Marlins Read More

What’s your fantasy?

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KENNETH BELGRAVE Staff Writer Training camp for NFL teams means the start of the season is just around the corner. For many fans all over the world, this means that the fantasy football craze is also just about to begin. Fantasy football is a virtual league of teams, compiled with statistics from actual NFL rosters, Read More

Fresh faces, fresh starts

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ANDERSEN STEFFENS Staff Writer The VWC Women’s Lacrosse and Field Hockey teams are starting off their seasons with new head coaches who more than qualify for the job. Coach Christina Restivo is coaching the Women’s Field Hockey team, and Coach Meagan DiCave is coaching the Women’s Lacrosse team. Both coaches have ample experience on the Read More

19 innings, 5 hours, 1 victory

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CANDICE GINDLE Staff Writer The Women’s Softball team beat Shenandoah University on Monday, April 29, in an 8-6 victory in the 2013 Old Dominion Athletic Conference championship game at the James I. Moyer Athletic Complex. The Marlins and Hornets played a 19 inning game, which lasted for four hours and 45 minutes. The length of Read More

Sexist spectators

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Lex Higbee Staff Writer Our school prides itself on its athletic success, but are male athletes the only ones getting the attention? Some of the most successful teams on campus are made up of women, yet they don’t get the same amount of support as the men. Every team works hard so that when it’s Read More

On the roll again

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Guy Hatch Staff Writer Should Virginia Wesleyan brace itself for an Ice Hockey program debut? Okay, maybe we’re getting a little ahead of ourselves, but the new roller hockey club could be the first step in that direction. Formed during the recent winter session, the group meets weekly for some friendly competition. “We’re all great Read More