Get to know the director of Res Life

9 months ago Emily Vial Comments Off on Get to know the director of Res Life
Sitting down with the new director of Residence Life, David Stuebing, it was clear to see that the smiling man in the well-tailored, deep blue suit has a lot on his plate. Given the stacks of paperwork on his desk, and the knowledge that the Housing Lottery for the Fall semester is impending, this is Read More

Watch your words

9 months ago Morgan Boyd Comments Off on Watch your words
Over the past semester, it has been come apparent that there has been an issue the playing of loud music and foul language. Dean of Students Jason Seward, assistant vice president of Student Affairs have been working closely with Student Government Association to advise the community of Virginia Wesleyan University to watch their words and Read More

Alphas welcome new members

9 months ago Marlyn Silva Comments Off on Alphas welcome new members
On a college campus, there are various types of clubs and organizations that make the college experience worthwhile. An intricate part of Virginia Wesleyan is the various Greek organizations that are currently active on this campus. All of them serve a unique role and have their own, unique presence within campus life. An important part Read More

Perks of being a Marlin

10 months ago Camille Benz Comments Off on Perks of being a Marlin
Virginia Wesleyan offers some surprising perks to students. When students research a database, article or book, they limit themselves to the same sources. Hofheimer Library and IT Services have access to much more, and here are some sources that go beyond article searching databases. Mango Languages: it is a program where you can learn a Read More

Alum Advice

10 months ago Brianna Clarkson Comments Off on Alum Advice
There is a mixture of feelings that comes with being a senior. Usually bittersweet, as students have the excitement of knowing that you are about to be finished with your undergrad, but also the stress knowing that your life is soon about to begin. Virginia Wesleyan has many alumni that have gone through the mixed Read More

Transformation Thursday

10 months ago Brianna Clarkson Comments Off on Transformation Thursday
Four years may seem like a lifetime for some people, but for others it seems to go by too fast here at Virginia Wesleyan University. In those four, years students change and go through life experiences that will leave a lasting impression on them forever. Brandon Kussmaull is just one of the many seniors here Read More

Career and internship fair prepares students

10 months ago Jenna Whitener Comments Off on Career and internship fair prepares students
For most students, going to college and getting a higher education is a way to prepare and qualify them for a career. To help prepare students in as many ways possible, Virginia Wesleyan holds a Career and Internship Fair annually. This year’s Career and Internship Fair was held on Mar. 8 from 10 a.m. until Read More

Campus has trouble with IT services

11 months ago Jenna Whitener Comments Off on Campus has trouble with IT services
Today’s world could not function without technology, especially tools like the Internet. Our dependency on the Internet for everyday information as well as for research means that we expect to be able to access it at any time, a luxury that is made possible by Wi-Fi networks and phone data. Informational Technology Services is responsible Read More

Love Liberally

11 months ago Cynthia Griffin Comments Off on Love Liberally
Virginia Wesleyan recently celebrated its 8th annual Love Liberally celebration of love in the Liberal Arts. Feb. 12-22 across campus various professors opened their classrooms to visitors during special lectures that showcased love in some shape or fashion. In the Hofheimer Library students could go on a blind date with a book. The library featured Read More

Great response from NATO conference

11 months ago Camille Benz Comments Off on Great response from NATO conference
One of the most important political science events at our university occurred on Dec. 13 and 14 when ten of our own students attended the North Atlantic Treaty Organizations Chiefs of Transformation conference (COTC) here in Norfolk. The five countries participating at the conference were the U.S.A, Belgium, France, Germany, Spain, and United Kingdom. After Read More