White guys, step aside

1 year ago Douglas Hardman Comments Off on White guys, step aside
White men are ruining the arts with their sexual misconduct, abuse and misogyny I’d like preface this by saying  that when I make a statement about  “all men,” there is usually an ‘*’ because I do not actually believe that “all men are ____.” That being said: white, cisgender, straight men are huge deficits to Read More

Senior reflections

2 years ago Farah Haidari Comments Off on Senior reflections
Experiencing senioritis and pushing through Graduation is in a couple weeks. I will miss my friends and the faculty, but I am excited to get out of here! Even though I have been trying to work my hardest this year, I still can’t help but think, “It’s my last year and I can relax a Read More

Rampant Rumors

2 years ago Ashley Kline Comments Off on Rampant Rumors
Life on a small campus has many benefits, including smaller class sizes and a greater sense of community as one can’t walk across campus without at least three people saying “hi.” However, a drawback to living on a small campus, rampant rumors that have the tendency to cause uproar within 24 hours. Earlier this year Read More

The future of teachers

2 years ago Sabrina Lemons Comments Off on The future of teachers
We can all agree that teachers have an important job that has become more difficult with the moral decay that has invaded society. What are we supposed to do to compensate her teachers? The solution to most if not all societal ailments is change within the community. So, what is it that schools and parents, Read More

Historic Changes

2 years ago Jonathan Joyer Comments Off on Historic Changes
History department impacted by new general studies requirements. As a liberal arts institution, we should pride ourselves on offering a variety of subjects to current and prospective students. Recently, Virginia Wesleyan University’s administration decided to implement a general studies system to fully replace the system currently in place. This involves taking a few classes in Read More

How high school did not prepare me for college

2 years ago Wynter Bond Comments Off on How high school did not prepare me for college
Do me a favor and flash back to the last couple months of high school. Do you remember how excited you were? How anxious you were about starting college and potentially being completely on your own? I can imagine my fellow seniors feel something like that right about now. There’s a certain uneasy but comforting Read More

Females in the spotlight respond to hate

2 years ago Marlyn Silva Comments Off on Females in the spotlight respond to hate
In today’s society, women in the media are heavily judged, examined and criticized for anything they do, and it certainly seems they’re also criticized for being who they are. Women who receive a lot of backlash within social media and society are celebrities like singers and actresses. Given their strong and crazy following across all Read More

Metal over man

2 years ago Ashley Kline Comments Off on Metal over man
Tech companies such as Amazon and Facebook cause humanitarian concerns. Many think of new technological advancements as blessings, but what if they’re simply wolves in sheeps’ clothing? Recent controversies with internet-based companies, such as Facebook and Amazon, beg the question whether or not such companies should be regulated. I say that changing climates call for Read More

$5 transcripts

2 years ago Jonathan Joyer Comments Off on $5 transcripts
Wesleyan charges students for transcripts As students, we struggle to keep up with the day-to-day financial issues that arise in college. Whether the expenses are related to school or not, we must always continue to stay on top of them. I bring this point up because of a recent change that Virginia Wesleyan has made Read More

Building up the next generation through education

2 years ago Sabrina Lemons Comments Off on Building up the next generation through education
We the People of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union… I’m sure we’ve all heard the phrase in one form or another, once bitten twice shy! However, it seems in the 21st-century nobody wants to be reminded that they were bitten. This also brings to mind TV shows that I Read More