Being Biracial

7 months ago Marlyn Silva Comments Off on Being Biracial
Our country has a long history with the topics of race and ethnicity. While we still deal with these struggles, the issues presented have many layers. One topic to discuss is the topic of being biracial and the struggles it may bring. The United States is known as a big mixing bowl of race and Read More

Let’s communicate

7 months ago Jonathan Joyer Comments Off on Let’s communicate
Should there be more communication between faculty and the student body? Communication between groups is essential for growth and trust in a community. This is something that we, as a school and as individuals, need to understand. Recently, I have been hearing from several students that they feel they’re not being kept informed of decisions. Read More

The Olympics

7 months ago Farah Haidari Comments Off on The Olympics
I am not the biggest fan of watching the Olympics. However, when I do watch the Olympics, I prefer the Summer Olympics to the Winter Olympics for numerous reasons. Overall, I like summer sports more, my favorites being gymnastics and swimming. I remember my siblings and I would look forward to watching the Olympics together Read More

Bringing out the big guns

7 months ago Wynter Bond Comments Off on Bringing out the big guns
It appears as if the world has been plagued with gun violence as of late, especially where children are concerned. Nothing is scarier than a parent being at work only to receive a phone call or see on the news that their kid’s school has been the scene of school shooting. I couldn’t imagine being Read More

Oh SNAP: proposed changes for those receiving nutritional assistance

7 months ago Co-Written Comments Off on Oh SNAP: proposed changes for those receiving nutritional assistance
Supplement is to provide in addition to what is already present or available; it is not intended to provide everything for the individual or, in this case, the child or other eligible adult. Basic nutrition for anyone under the age of 18 is the primary goal of Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, SNAP, in order to Read More

Financial Aid

7 months ago Ashley Kline Comments Off on Financial Aid
Proposal for a financial aid system that only gives rewards based on college achievement as well as high school success Upon recent reflection, I have been greatly troubled by the financial aid system. Scholarships are given based upon high school GPA and SAT scores. However, there are many out there that succeed in high school, Read More

The land of lost DREAMs

7 months ago Marlyn Silva Comments Off on The land of lost DREAMs
Lack of solutions creates uncertainty for DACAs future America will always be known as the land of opportunity. This is where people come to fulfill their dreams and hope to succeed in whatever they choose to do. While thousands of people travel around the world to reach these goals, certain young immigrants who travel to Read More


7 months ago Ashley Kline Comments Off on Shutdown
What does a government shutdown really mean? There has been much talk of government shutdowns, the most recent one being early in the morning of Feb. 9, while most of us were hopefully asleep. What does a government shutdown truly mean? Most of us average citizens do not feel the impacts of a government shutdown. Read More

What being black means to me

7 months ago Wynter Bond Comments Off on What being black means to me
Sometimes I wonder what it would be like if I attended Norfolk State University or Hampton University. Yes, the class sizes would be much larger, as would the campus. But what I really wonder about is the culture, seeing as how both of the schools mentioned are historically black colleges and universities (HBCU). As Black Read More

Me Too

7 months ago Sabrina Lemons Comments Off on Me Too
Sexual scandal runs rampant among our nation’s leaders Some phrases I’ve heard around campus include: “Your crotch is not that interesting,” “Women are stupid,” “Wrong! Saying it again just makes you more wrong!” and “Americans need to do better job of minding their own business.” Sexual harassment and assault are example of how we, the Read More