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Bang For Your College Buck

10 months ago Julie Ainsley Comments Off on Bang For Your College Buck
“Home of the Virginia Slice.” That’s the first thing you see when you happen upon Benny Damato’s in Ghent. This is home to the huge slice that floods instagram that is the perfect hotspot for the college student on a budget. Benny Damato’s offers regular slice of cheese pizza only costs about $4 with extra Read More

Floribama What?

10 months ago Caimaya Ashton Comments Off on Floribama What?
A lot of people are familiar with the hit show Jersey Shore. Unfortunately, that show came to an end. Never fear, you do not have to cry about not having your favorites go wild on the TV screen. The producers of Jersey Shore have linked back with MTV bringing you eight hot young adults who Read More

Famous Feuding

10 months ago Wynter Bond Comments Off on Famous Feuding
Every day, there seems to be a new case of a celebrity unfollowing a former best friend on social media or writing plastic wrap see-through lyrics calling out the one that did them wrong. More often than not, we tend to take sides. Some celebrity feuds are just so utterly ridiculous, it makes me realize Read More

Fright Night Countdown

11 months ago Tony Tann Comments Off on Fright Night Countdown
As Halloween approaches there are some brave souls that celebrate the season by watching their favorite scary movies. It’s a time for horror magic and mysticism. These cold days are perfect for heating up some popcorn, eating that early Halloween candy and scaring the soul out of your bones. It builds character. If you so Read More

Pennywise Returns

11 months ago Brianna Kidwell Comments Off on Pennywise Returns
The famous novel by Stephen King makes its return to the silver screen. With Halloween approaching, so many  activities are on people’s schedules, from heading to the pumpkin patches, to finding costumes to be worn on Halloween Night, to the list of scary movies that are need to be watched before the big horror night. Read More

Celebrity relationships: age is not just a number

11 months ago Wynter Bond Comments Off on Celebrity relationships: age is not just a number
The celebrity world has never been practical or even somewhat conventional. From what they wear to what they do, celebrities make sure they stay relevant at almost any cost. Even when a public move seems like it should harm their reputation, it only boosts them higher in their world. Honestly, it’s more fun for us Read More

Digital Stream Wars

11 months ago Tony Tann Comments Off on Digital Stream Wars
“Stranger Things” vs “The Handmaid’s Tale,” T-Mobile vs Spotify, Red vs Green, Netflix vs Hulu. It’s a battle for streaming supremacy and the lengths to which these two platforms battle for your hard-earned cash has reached new heights. It seems that as more people cut the cord, Netflix and Hulu subscriber numbers increase more and Read More

Little libraries are building a community of devoted readers

12 months ago Julie Ainsley Comments Off on Little libraries are building a community of devoted readers
With digital technology becoming more prominent than ever, many people long for the days dipping their head and escape to a place of isolated relaxation. There are many ways find books. Libraries and bookstores keep people’s curiosity going. But there are a few places popping up in the outer and inner VWU community that bring Read More

Siri-ously, Apple?

12 months ago Tony Tann Comments Off on Siri-ously, Apple?
The dictionary definition of “hot commodity” should be a picture of an iPhone. It is one of the most popular phones in the country with an estimated $35 million spent collectively on iPhones alone, according to Finder. With the announcement of the iPhone X coming out in November, that number will only rise. However, it’s Read More

Fancy Find in Norfolk

1 year ago Nel Hart Comments Off on Fancy Find in Norfolk
Macarons may seem like a rich person’s dessert, but everywhere you turn, there’s always some type of image of the sweet treat on someone’s Instagram or Facebook page. If you haven’t tried macarons before, or would like to make a little trip out to a quaint little area in the middle of Norfolk traffic, Hummingbird Read More