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Ehh… What’s Up, Doc?

10 months ago Emily Vial Comments Off on Ehh… What’s Up, Doc?
The Honorary Easter Bunny of the City of Virginia Beach is still hopping strong this year! Junior the Bunny, resident of The Bunny Hutch, is America’s largest Bunny as proven by the Guiness Book of World Records. He is of a breed known as the Continental Giant, and has become a dear friend of this Read More

Fortnite Gains a Following

10 months ago Emily Vial Comments Off on Fortnite Gains a Following
It’s no secret that college students and video games go together like peanut butter and jelly, so when a new game makes a splash on campus it’s not long before there is a solid community of players. This is especially true for online multiplayers like Overwatch, Minecraft or the newest sensation, Fortnite. Created by the Read More

Fans Marvel Over “Black Panther”

10 months ago Allaina Boggs Comments Off on Fans Marvel Over “Black Panther”
One of the latest movies to hit the screens, and undoubtedly one of the most talked about movies of 2018 so far is Marvel’s newest addition to its vast superhero collection, “Black Panther.” However, “Black Panther” isn’t seen as only a movie, but a movement. The film opens up on our hero, T’Challa, the newest Read More

Leaping Lizard Cafe: A Review

11 months ago Bayli Foley Comments Off on Leaping Lizard Cafe: A Review
So I want to start off my first food review article by giving you all a brief explanation as to what these reviews will entail and the purpose of the articles. My overall purpose for writing these articles is to share some restaurants that not too many people know about that are in the area. Read More

Relationship Goals?

11 months ago Wynter Bond Comments Off on Relationship Goals?
Every day, there’s a new couple breaking up. Some of them I couldn’t care less about, but there are some that make me feel like I’m being personally attacked. But then, there are those couples that make me believe in love again, and if anything were to happen to them I would feel like there’s Read More

Snapchat Update Angers Users

11 months ago Allaina Boggs Comments Off on Snapchat Update Angers Users
In recent weeks, popular social media app Snapchat dropped a major update, one that has been receiving a lot of feedback from its users worldwide. However, the major consensus of Snapchatters is overwhelmingly negative when it comes to opinions about the overall look and effectiveness of the update. The update was introduced to users in Read More

Are The Academy Awards Ready to Say #TIMESUP?

11 months ago Emily Vial Comments Off on Are The Academy Awards Ready to Say #TIMESUP?
Dressed for a funeral or a red carpet? In their choice to don full black outfits, subverting the normal red-carpet status-quo of competitive designer get-ups, the Me Too and Time’s Up movements represented a funeral for Hollywood’s history of sexual violence. The 2018 Golden Globes marked the first time that Hollywood’s big-wigs convened in public Read More

Won’t you be my neighbor?

11 months ago Julie Ainsley Comments Off on Won’t you be my neighbor?
Tom Hanks will put on the iconic red sweater made famous by Fred Rogers in his television series, “Mister Rogers Neighborhood,” for an upcoming biopic about his life and legacy entitled “You Are My Friend.” According to Vanity Fair, the biopic is currently being slated to be directed by Marielle Heller. The story is about Read More

News of a Stormi causes a storm

11 months ago Wynter Bond Comments Off on News of a Stormi causes a storm
Columnist Wynter Bond shares her view on the announcement of Kylie Jenner’s pregnancy. So, the news that (most of) America was waiting for finally arrived last week: yes, Kylie Jenner was pregnant but surprisingly, there was no big hoopla during it. On Feb. 4, the youngest Jenner sister posted on social media platforms, confirming both Read More

Shedd shines in local production

11 months ago Emily Vial Comments Off on Shedd shines in local production
Theatre and Women’s and Gender Studies professor, Dr. Sally Shedd performs in a local theater performance of “Rapture Blister, Burn” by Gina Gionfriddo. A tinny broadcast of “I Am Woman Hear me Roar” fades away as the lights come up on a tense gathering of characters. Two women, instantly recognizable as being of different walks Read More