Wesleyan waives tuition for furloughed families

1 month ago Mickella Rast Comments Off on Wesleyan waives tuition for furloughed families
VWU announced that tuition deposits would be waived for furloughed families in the wake of the nation’s longest government shutdown to date. In addition to this, Wesleyan has also implemented a food drive to help furloughed workers and families. Though the government has tentatively reopened for three weeks, Wesleyan has kept the waiver in effect Read More

Students bring home Ethics Bowl success

1 month ago Nicholas Mundy Comments Off on Students bring home Ethics Bowl success
The brightest minds of division three colleges in Virginia debated ways to tackle ethical issues in today’s society at the Ethics Bowl, an intercollegiate activity that challenges undergraduate students to outsmart each other. While debating a case study, the two teams will be scored by a panel of judges for their responses not only from Read More

Savory recipes

1 month ago Cynthia Griffin Comments Off on Savory recipes
Egg Mugmuffin Ingredients 5 tablespoons all-purpose flour ¼ teaspoon baking powder ⅛ teaspoon baking soda* ⅛ teaspoon salt 2 tablespoons milk 2 teaspoons vegetable oil or melted butter 2 tablespoons egg 1 tablespoon grated cheddar cheese 1 tablespoon scallions, chopped 1 small egg Instructions In a large microwave-safe mug mix together the flour, baking powder, Read More

Transformation Thursday

1 month ago Cynthia Griffin Comments Off on Transformation Thursday
                    Q: Why did you choose to come to Virginia Wesleyan? A: I always laugh when I think of this question. One because I never know how to answer and two because I laugh at myself every time because I never know how to answer. So Read More

Before you love someone else

1 month ago Douglas Hardman Comments Off on Before you love someone else
A tale as old as time, popularized by RuPaul, the saying is: “if you can’t love yourself, how in the hell you gonna love somebody else?” And while it’s easy to shout this mantra in unison and declare self-love, the journey to reach a truer state of love and acceptance is far more grueling, but Read More

Stressing the stressed

1 month ago Jonathan Joyer Comments Off on Stressing the stressed
As the university continues to evolve, so to do its policies and systems. One of the more recent changes to Virginia Wesleyan was addition of a new general studies system that seems rely heavily on preparing underclassmen early on for the difficult classes of later years.  The new general studies system brings with it many Read More

In a Lane of her own

1 month ago Joshua Gray Comments Off on In a Lane of her own
Whether it’s breaking records or propelling the team to a win, freshman track runner Jaylyn Lane is a force to be reckoned with. Although she is only a freshman, her confidence and leadership would strike some to infer that she was a senior. Lane currently sits at the top of the ODAC for the long Read More

Macedo earns 400th win

1 month ago Alex Cortright Comments Off on Macedo earns 400th win
Men’s basketball head coach Dave Macedo earned his 400th win on Dec. 8, 2018 at Roanoke College with a score of 65-56. Macedo has been head coach of the Marlins for 19 seasons, and coached his team to a National Title in 2006. “I don’t pay attention too much to that stuff, but my kids Read More

The eating habits of Virginia Wesleyan athletes

1 month ago Megan Sherman Comments Off on The eating habits of Virginia Wesleyan athletes
A full class schedule, workouts, work and then still practice in the evening is about as demanding as a full-time job, if not moreso. The schedule of a student-athlete can be grueling, and running out of fuel is not a far-fetched concept or concern. In order to prevent burning out, what student-athletes nourish their bodies Read More

Men’s throwers top ODAC

1 month ago Joshua Gray Comments Off on Men’s throwers top ODAC
When it comes to track and field, shot-put and weight throw are two events that tend to be overlooked. However, throwers Coby Cockrell and Quentin Webert have made their presence known as they top the ODAC in the weight throw. The success of the men’s track team, and specifically the shot-put and weight throw events, put Read More