Lattuca snags 6th ODAC Runner of Week

1 month ago Jordan Wilson Comments Off on Lattuca snags 6th ODAC Runner of Week
Junior cross country runner Skyler Latucca can’t be stopped. Latucca has done it not once, not twice, not three times, but now up to six times he has won ODAC runner of the week. He has won four times already this year, the first one was on September 3, 2019. The second time was on Read More

Dress to Impress

1 month ago Makiah Ellis Comments Off on Dress to Impress
Ditch the cat, bunny and devil ears and angel halo; it’s time to get creative. As Oct. 31, 2019 approaches everyone is trying to be creative to come up with the best Halloween costume. Most people find it more convenient and affordable to make their own costumes, rather than going to their local Party City. Read More

Spine Tingling Television

1 month ago Valery Caraballo Comments Off on Spine Tingling Television
Peel your head to the corner of the room as you see your worst childhood monsters still lurking in the shadows. Will they creep into your closets the rest of your life ? Have we lost our minds hiding from the dark ? The Haunting of Hill House is a psychological horror show that will Read More

The Clown Prince of Blockbusters

1 month ago Tony Tann Comments Off on The Clown Prince of Blockbusters
Gotham City is burning, failing, and far from an ideal hometown. It is becoming increasingly difficult for the poor to find a job and live amidst rampant lawlessness. Arthur Fleck (Joaquin Phoenix) is trying hard just to be okay and to keep his job – being a party clown. He lives with his mother, who Read More

Smithdeal Hall residents evacuated to hotels

2 months ago Alex Powers Comments Off on Smithdeal Hall residents evacuated to hotels
What’s the Smith-deal? On Sept. 19, the residents of Smithdeal Hall were informed by Virginia Wesleyan University administration that the hall would be vacated temporarily for renovation. Smithdeal is a residence hall in Allen Village, or Village II as it is known informally.  In the interim, many students are relocated to a nearby hotel.  The Read More

Greener and cleaner

2 months ago Markaysha Bryant Comments Off on Greener and cleaner
The Gunn Group, an organization focused on energy, water, national security and climate issues, will host a half-day conference at Virginia Wesleyan University to educate students about the ramifications of climate change on Friday, Nov. 8. Senior Patrick Berard Jr., who is majoring in Earth and Environmental Science, is an intern at The Gunn Group.  Read More

No vape zone

2 months ago Connor Merk Comments Off on No vape zone
On Sept. 11, 2019 President Trump spoke from the Oval Office specifically about the issue of vaping. This was shot to the forefront of the President’s agenda because Health and Human Services Secretary Alex Azar reported almost one-third of high schoolers have used electronic cigarettes in the past 30 days in 2019. This is up Read More

6-year old put in time-out

2 months ago Markaysha Bryant Comments Off on 6-year old put in time-out
School resource officer Dennis Turner, was fired after arresting two six-year-old children on Thursday, Sept. 19, according to the Washington Post.  The incidents took place at the Lucious & Emma Nixon Academy, in Orlando, FL.  Kaia Rolle, who suffers from behavioral issues, was one of the students who was involved. Rolle was handcuffed, arrested and Read More

Marlins celebrate homecoming weekend

2 months ago Karleigh Warren Comments Off on Marlins celebrate homecoming weekend
Sierra Coleman, a junior at Virginia Wesleyan University, stated that this year’s homecoming was better than her high school homecoming due to the amount of people that attended and wanted to dance. “My whole basketball team went. There were even alumni there, because it was alumni weekend.” Current and former students of Virginia Wesleyan came Read More

Students impeded by Internet outages 

2 months ago Dalton Powers Comments Off on Students impeded by Internet outages 
Since the time that students arrived on campus at Virginia Wesleyan University, there have been issues with network connectivity. In our digital world, much of a modern college student’s education takes place online. Computers and network connectivity are the lifeblood of our knowledge stream. Reliable Internet is essential for many students to be able to Read More