Movie Review: ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’

2 months ago Nica Nakagomi Comments Off on Movie Review: ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’
The music is the message. Is this the real life? Is this just fantasy? Maybe it doesn’t really matter. Rami Malek, with his pronounced teeth, 70s rock star locks and flamboyant fashion, brings forth an exhilarating performance as Freddie Mercury in the biopic “Bohemian Rhapsody.” Both casual and hard core Queen fans will sing along Read More

Farewell Apu

2 months ago Garry Sjodin Comments Off on Farewell Apu
The Simpsons bid farewell to Apu this year after a public outcry for the removal of the character based on prejudicial and stereotypical representations of southeastern Asians. The outcry began to catch traction after comedian Hari Kondabolu released the documentary, The Problem with Apu, in 2017. Since then Hari has appeared on talk shows, such Read More

The Human Element

2 months ago Rebecca Schamel Comments Off on The Human Element
Wednesday night, Oct. 24th, at Sandler Center for the Performing Arts in Virginia Beach, those who attended were treated to an eye-opening film premiere of James Balog entitled The Human Element.  If there was ever a doubt about the actual realism of climate change, this film should be viewed by everyone. There was a very Read More

The new face of smoking

3 months ago Mickella Rast Comments Off on The new face of smoking
Food and Drug Administration (FDA) Commissioner Scott Gottlieb announced “the largest coordinated tobacco compliance effort in FDA’s history” in a press statement slotted for immediate release on Sept. 12. The compliance effort and statement addressed what the Gottlieb described as an “epidemic of e-cigarette use among teenagers.” “I use the word epidemic with great care. Read More

Halloween traditions around the globe

3 months ago Mickella Rast Comments Off on Halloween traditions around the globe
Ireland is considered the birthplace of what we consider to be Halloween today. The origins of the fun and spooky holiday come from ancient Celtic and pagan rituals, during which a festival called Samhain took place to celebrate a half-year marker. Today, both Ireland and Scotland celebrate Halloween with bonfires, games and traditional foods like Read More

Halloween traditions at Wesleyan

3 months ago Nica Nakagomi Comments Off on Halloween traditions at Wesleyan
As temperatures start to drop in the Hampton Roads area, students at Virginia Wesleyan University are preparing for the Halloween season. Spider webs and pumpkins adorn the entrances of dormitories, while some residents decide what costumes to wear. Skylar Mao, a sophomore from Ningbo, China, marveled at costumes and decorations as she looked around at Read More

Current events roundup

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World’s longest sea bridge completed: The world’s longest sea and tunnel bridge has finally been completed, connecting Hong Kong and Macau to China’s mainland. The bridge is 34.2 miles and has reduced a four-hour commute between Hong Kong and Zhuhai, a Chinese city, to 45 minutes. Despite this milestone, there are still several controversies surrounding Read More

We’re queer, here and Jewish

3 months ago Bethany Walker Comments Off on We’re queer, here and Jewish
Dr. Amy Milligan came to Wesleyan to speak about queer Jewish women and pride tattoos this past Thursday. A crowd of about sixty students, staff, and guests flocked to the Blocker Hall Auditorium for her presentation. Dr. Milligan is the Batten Endowed Assistant Professor of Jewish Studies and Women’s Studies and the director of the Read More

Congressman Taylor visits campus

3 months ago Cynthia Griffin Comments Off on Congressman Taylor visits campus
On Oct. 18, Representitive Scott Taylor visited campus to talk to students and faculty about his time in Congress and his plans for re-election. Scott Taylor has been the 2nd District’s congressional representative for two years. He is currently up for re-election, going up against Democratic nominee Elaine Luria. As most candidates do, Taylor started Read More

VWU wants you (to vote)

3 months ago Nicholas Mundy Comments Off on VWU wants you (to vote)
Wesleyan Engaged and Marlins Vote are pairing up in an effort to increase student voter registration and voter turnout on Nov. 6 Virginia Beach voters will elect for many high-ranking positions including a senator, a house representative, a mayor, six city council members, five school board members, and two proposed Constitutional amendments. Brian Kurisky, Director Read More