Rampant Rumors

6 months ago Ashley Kline Comments Off on Rampant Rumors
Life on a small campus has many benefits, including smaller class sizes and a greater sense of community as one can’t walk across campus without at least three people saying “hi.” However, a drawback to living on a small campus, rampant rumors that have the tendency to cause uproar within 24 hours. Earlier this year Read More

New traditions for alumni weekend

6 months ago Emily Vial Comments Off on New traditions for alumni weekend
The Spring Pig Pickin’ Picnic on Saturday April 14 was a new tradition added to the alumni weekend festivities and preceded Seafood in the Dell in the day full of traditions. Set up and smoking away at barbeque on Trinder Center lawn, the lunchtime event was perfectly placed for student, faculty and alumni to enjoy Read More

Renn set to retire

6 months ago Luke Chiasson Comments Off on Renn set to retire
“It has just been a fun ride.” After 25 years of dedication to Virginia Wesleyan, Executive Director of Athletics, Joanne Renn will be retiring in June. President Miller and Coach Renn announced the decision in front of the athletic department on April 19. “Several months ago, Joanne came to me and told me she thought Read More

Senior Showcase

6 months ago Brianna Kidwell Comments Off on Senior Showcase
Dalton Henderson is a Virginia Beach native who is graduating this May with degree in Political Science. Q: Why did you choose to attend VWU? A: I thought that it was a great school and I was familiar with the school from me participating in wrestling camps and leadership workshops. Q: Favorite Professor? A: Dr. Read More

FB scandal

6 months ago Allaina Boggs Comments Off on FB scandal
Facebook users recently faced a large invasion of privacy, as approximately 87 million users’ information was stolen and sold by a company called Cambridge Analytica. Personal information such as names, phone numbers and email addresses was taken from a multitude of users, then sold on the “dark web,” a portal for criminal behavior known for Read More

The future of teachers

6 months ago Sabrina Lemons Comments Off on The future of teachers
We can all agree that teachers have an important job that has become more difficult with the moral decay that has invaded society. What are we supposed to do to compensate her teachers? The solution to most if not all societal ailments is change within the community. So, what is it that schools and parents, Read More

Track makes history at final ODAC meet

6 months ago Corey King Comments Off on Track makes history at final ODAC meet
Virginia Wesleyan’s men and women’s track teams finished their outdoor track season on the highest note in school history. Many athletes on both teams finished first in events as well as having many young names stepping up throughout the tournament.   The men’s team had first place finishes by freshman Jordan Ard in the 100m Read More

New requirements impact history

6 months ago Camille Benz Comments Off on New requirements impact history
New changes to Virginia Wesleyan’s general studies program, effective beginning fall 2019,  will directly affect the future of the history department. The first component, supported by almost all faculty, are called Wesleyan Seminars. These are a combination of the writing courses and Senior Integrative Experience (SIE). Instead of the seminars being exclusive to seniors, they Read More

Historic Changes

6 months ago Jonathan Joyer Comments Off on Historic Changes
History department impacted by new general studies requirements. As a liberal arts institution, we should pride ourselves on offering a variety of subjects to current and prospective students. Recently, Virginia Wesleyan University’s administration decided to implement a general studies system to fully replace the system currently in place. This involves taking a few classes in Read More

How high school did not prepare me for college

6 months ago Wynter Bond Comments Off on How high school did not prepare me for college
Do me a favor and flash back to the last couple months of high school. Do you remember how excited you were? How anxious you were about starting college and potentially being completely on your own? I can imagine my fellow seniors feel something like that right about now. There’s a certain uneasy but comforting Read More