Wear the world, change the world

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KACI PARKER Community Editor Senior C.J. Huguley is an active participant of Serengetee and hopes to educate others about how they can make a difference in someone’s life. He wants to spread the word and help promote Serengetee, an organization which can benefit women, men, and children alike in other regions of the world. They Read More

Cooking for the community

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SAMANTHA SMALL Staff Writer Students put their chef hats on for a good cause. The dining hall was empty. The cooks began to mop the floors and load the dishwashers. Only the back lights were on. It seemed like the kitchen was closing down for the night. However, things were just heating up for some Read More

Golf swings for success

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GABE HIGGINS Staff Writer The Virginia Wesleyan Golf Team has high expectations for the Old Dominion Athletic Conference (ODAC) tournament this season. The players and coaching staff are hoping that the championship trophy will be making its way back to Virginia Beach this spring. The team’s lofty goals are due to the recent successes in Read More

Stivo’s army goes to war

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BREANNA DUNN Staff Writer Under Coach Restivo’s lead, the VWC field hockey team has successfully started their quest to become conference champions. The field hockey team has won six of its first eight games. This is an unprecendented success for the Marlins, whose previous six seasons opened dismally. For the first time in recent years, Read More

Weight room gets a new face “lift”

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KENNETH BELGRAVE Staff Writer The Batten Fitness Center has received a few new additions in the recent months. Most recently, three new machines (leg curl, leg press and leg extension) have found their way into the weight area. The machines that had to be replaced had a history of dysfunction and were often out of Read More

Food for thought

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SHAY MILLS Opinions Editor They day our parents graduated from high school, they were told to go to college and create the best lives for themselves as possible. In other words, “hasta la vista” and good luck with all that, kid. We, on the other hand, have so many more alternatives to life after grade Read More

Congress coffee break

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DOUG HARDMAN Opinions Editor I smell something: it’s bull—-! This whole government crackdown is completely idiotic and unnecessary. Just because Congress cannot make a simple decision on something as equally stupid as Obamacare does not mean we need to jeopardize the jobs and well-being of the citizens of these United States. Equally frustrating is the Read More

DOD: death of dance

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ALEXI O’HEARN Staff Writer The doors of the club slowly open and a plume of overdosed cologne pours slowly outward. Inside, the incredibly loud bass from the speakers vibrates drinks at the bar like a scene from Jurassic Park. Nearby, a female plants her legs far apart, places her hands on her knees and proceeds Read More

Dude, where do I park?

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DOUG HARDMAN Opinions Editor Do you ever just have one little thing that irks you and has the potential of ruining your day? I have mine and it is being unable to find an open parking space on campus. There is nothing that drives me more insane than driving around campus for 10 or more Read More

Mafia flock

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SHAY MILLS Opinions Editor When there is a deer in the road, it moves. The deer may give you an idiotic look at first, but nonetheless it will move and allow you to pass. When there is a dog in the road, it removes itself from the situation before you even reach it. When there Read More