Senior Internship Q&A

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By Kaci Parker Name: Amanda Mikajlo Rank: Senior Major: Political Science and International Studies Internship: Governors Fellows Program Q: What is required of you at your internship? I had taken my internship in the summer. I interned at the Governor’s office in Richmond, VA. During this time I worked directly under the Secretary of the Read More

Students Jump Into The 39 Steps

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Thomas Mills/Marlin Chronicle By Nathan VanRensselaer This years fall production, The 39 Steps, features a cast of four characters and promises to be a great show. With an abundance of great shows in the past, the new actors and actresses have a lot to live up to. The 39 Steps is a well-known production however Read More

Dueling Dance Teams

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By Julie Ainsley It’s the battle of the year and the world is watching. Okay, maybe not the world, but the entire VWC community. Competition runs deep in Marlin country, and not just for volleyball and soccer. Dancing isn’t for the faint of heart, and a conflict that happened late last year proved it. Sophomore Read More

Following Up With Ferguson

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by Douglas Hardman Many of us were not around in the ’60s, surely. But we have our grandparents who were, or we at least know someone from that generation. Just imagine the horror on their faces when they turn on their TVs or read a newspaper and start having flashbacks. One of the most terrifying Read More

Double Trouble

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by Taylor Boyd There is a strange phenomenon going about campus. Copies of former and current students are coming into our school from the freshman class and from transfers. Is this some sort of sign of the apocalypse? Or maybe some government or alien plan to replace Virginia Wesleyan students with beings that may be Read More

A Major Decision

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by Michael Willson Choosing your major can make you want to pull the hair out of your head. It will determine what classes you take, who your adviser is, and most importantly, what type of job you have after you graduate. While some students come with a passion for a specific course of study and Read More

Voter Registration

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by Kaci Parker As Marlins, we are actively looking for a way to become involved within the community and to prove that we are adults. By registering to vote, students throughout campus may now place their trust in a candidate who shares their political viewpoints and opinions on controversial subjects. Therefore, a team of passionate Read More

Men’s soccer looks to repeat as champs

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by Gabe Higgins and Kellie Lagoy Fall sports are in full swing, and Virginia Wesleyan’s men’s soccer team has been working hard to find their stride this season. They have visions of another championship caliber season, but so far there has been nothing impressive to show. The Marlins want to reign as champions, but they Read More


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by Kerri-Leanne Taylor Walking through the Batten Center, you may have peered into the CMAC and noticed people leaping, walking on their hands, or even bear-crawling across the gym floor. What are they doing? What kind of workout is that? Are these people crazy? No. Well, maybe yes. But these intense workouts are extremely popular, Read More

Women’s Team Play

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by Alexis Platt The night before the big day, ice baths are taken, jerseys are hung up next to lockers and athletes are eager for the opening games of their season. And even though no one’s popping champagne, Athletic Director JoAnne Renn compares the excitement of the night before a new season opener to that Read More