Apr 27 2017

Plans proceed despite vandalism

3 years ago Mickella Rast Comments Off on Plans proceed despite vandalism
Construction of the Greer Environmental Sciences Center was briefly interrupted when the greenhouse, a key environmental feature of the Center, was vandalized on April 11. Read More

Marlin Chronicle Archive

3 years ago Cynthia Griffin Comments Off on Marlin Chronicle Archive
With the printing of the last issue of the Marlin Chronicle for the 2016-2017 academic year, the library has added old Marlin Chronicle issues... Read More

Hampton Roads’ Easter Bunny

3 years ago Brianna Clarkson Comments Off on Hampton Roads’ Easter Bunny
This Easter was a special one for the City of Virginia Beach as they gained a special Easter treat in introducing their own honorary Easter Bunny, Junior. Junior is the largest rabbit known in America. The Bunny Hutch, located at 1165 Jenson Road in Virginia Beach, is home to many exotic reptiles, amphibians and mammals Read More

Footing the Bill

3 years ago Shawn Matthews Comments Off on Footing the Bill
Sen. Mark Warner is currently pushing legislation that affects college students. Two bills are being discussed that affect federal student loans and the repayment of college debt. Warner participated in a conference call with student journalists. He took questions and discussed his own thoughts on the two bills. Warner himself was among the first generation Read More

Tornado terror

3 years ago Amanda Archer Comments Off on Tornado terror
Following numerous tornadoes that destroyed homes and schools throughout the Hampton roads area, Virginia Wesleyan College experienced its first severe weather of the spring semester on April 6. Read More

Professors need to stick around

3 years ago Sarah Antozzi Comments Off on Professors need to stick around
Ah, exam time. Everyone’s favorite. The stress, the late-night studying and sometimes the fear. This is the time to show that you really were absorbing knowledge all semester. Some have test anxiety, which only adds to the intimidation students feel at the bare idea of one exam counting for a large portion of a course Read More

United Airlines Passenger Problems

3 years ago Jonathan Joyer Comments Off on United Airlines Passenger Problems
These days, we live in an era of changing views and values that are becoming more and more diverse all the time. The recent difficulties involving the airline company known as United Airlines are a good example of these different views and values and how they are enforced. These days, issues with flying are common, Read More