Apr 6 2017

Nintendo Switches Up Gaming

4 years ago Miranda Fein Comments Off on Nintendo Switches Up Gaming
Gamers of all ages were lined up at their local gaming stores March 3 for the release of Nintendo’s next big console, the Nintendo Switch. Read More

Go Go Power Rangers

4 years ago Justin Smith Comments Off on Go Go Power Rangers
A sense of nostalgia swept the nation with the recent release of “Power Rangers.” Since its premiere on March 24, the film earned over $54 million with $40 million coming from its opening weekend, according to box office results. Read More

Too Many Reboots

4 years ago Julie Ainsley Comments Off on Too Many Reboots
The past couple years have become a spectacle of nostalgia when it comes to entertainment, especially with television shows and movies. The forever-idolized ’90s favorites have resurfaced, creating reunion TV shows such as “Fuller House,” “Girl Meets World” and “Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life.” Read More

Tale As Old As Time

4 years ago Brianna Clarkson Comments Off on Tale As Old As Time
“Beauty and the Beast,” a Disney classic, was remade into a live-action movie and released this St. Patrick’s Day for adults and children to enjoy all over America. Read More

The One Banque That’s Open Late

4 years ago Julie Ainsley Comments Off on The One Banque That’s Open Late
When somebody walks up to you and says, “Let’s go to The Banque,” usually you don’t think of a club. However, on East Little Creek Road in Norfolk there is a spot serving exactly what VWC students need to experience an enjoyable and upbeat night. Read More

Alizae Dollins: A Life of Excellence

4 years ago Laurissa Senecal Comments Off on Alizae Dollins: A Life of Excellence
"The whole situation just kind of drives me to, like, do what I do today…. I try to do as much as I can just because, like, I know he couldn’t." Read More

The Great MC Debate: Sugar Shack

4 years ago Co-Written Comments Off on The Great MC Debate: Sugar Shack
Duck Donuts and Sugar Shack are two fine establishments that both offer a wide variety of unique doughnuts. While some people might not see the difference between the two, I can help explain why Sugar Shack is by far superior to Duck Donuts. Read More

WGS goes Greek

4 years ago Kasey Newcomb Comments Off on WGS goes Greek
Women and gender studies issues affect everybody whether they realize it or not. A women’s studies honor society on campus demonstrates the importance of feminism to the rest of our student body. Read More