Dec 7 2017

The Joy of Volunteering

2 years ago Jonathan Joyer Comments Off on The Joy of Volunteering
With the fall semester coming to a close in the coming weeks and the thoughts of winter break rolling into our minds, I am sure some are wondering if they will be doing something to occupy their time during the upcoming winter session. Since taking a winter session class can be expensive for all of Read More

Sexual Harassment/Misconduct in Politics

2 years ago Sabrina Lemons Comments Off on Sexual Harassment/Misconduct in Politics
What is it that women want in the leaders of their nation, senate, congress, state, legislature, delegates and others elected or appointed? This author cannot speak for the multitudes of women, but this one looks for someone who epitomizes some of  the 14 basic leadership traits: justice, judgement, dependability, integrity, decisiveness, tact, initiative, enthusiasm unselfishness, Read More

Going all natural

2 years ago Wynter Bond Comments Off on Going all natural
Growing up, I had long hair. It was almost to the small of my back, and my mom would take pictures to show her friends. They never believed her when she told them how long it was. I remember it seemed like it would take hours for my hair to get braided because of how Read More

More than a name

2 years ago Marlyn Silva Comments Off on More than a name
No matter how many years have passed, no matter how progressive society may get, we always seem to move a couple steps back. One of the many racially charged incidents that have happened in the past year involved President Donald Trump and Native Americans. Recently, there was a ceremony at the White House honoring three Read More

Decorate your cap

2 years ago Farah Haidari Comments Off on Decorate your cap
In my lifetime, I have been to a few graduations. There are some people who always enjoy decorating their graduation caps because it makes the experience feel more personal. According to the Virginia Wesleyan University website, the Commencement Day instructions prohibit any personal, “adornments of any kind to be worn on the cap, gown, or Read More

Taylor’s new system for tickets

2 years ago Farah Haidari Comments Off on Taylor’s new system for tickets
  Taylor Swift has always been one of my favorite singers, but recently this position has been reinforced. I love how all of her albums are different, enjoy following her Instagram and like knowing who most of her songs are about. She is very creative and isn’t afraid to show it in her music. My Read More

Does the Oxford comma (put before and at the end of a list) add finesse to writing, or simply take up unnecessary space?

2 years ago Co-Written Comments Off on Does the Oxford comma (put before and at the end of a list) add finesse to writing, or simply take up unnecessary space?
I’d like to dedicate this article to my parents, Ayn Rand and God. If you had to do a double take because you thought I said that my parents were Ayn Rand and God, then you just might be a proponent of the Oxford comma. The comma before “and” at the end of the list, Read More

Swimming finding their stroke

2 years ago Luke Chiasson Comments Off on Swimming finding their stroke
The first year Marlin swim teams took their talents to Lexington, VA for the Washington & Lee Invitational on Dec. 3 and 4. The men and women both finished 5th, but in the process, individuals on both teams shined and set new school records. Junior Hayley Heath shined in the 200m individual medley with a Read More

Women’s basketball cutting it close

2 years ago Corey King Comments Off on Women’s basketball cutting it close
The women’s basketball team is off to a decent start in the 2017-2018 season. They are currently 3-4 this year, and one of those losses coming against conference opponent Lynchburg.  The Marlins are struggling with scoring. The Marlins, like last year, rely on the scoring of Jayla Harris, a junior from Fredericksburg, Virginia, who is Read More

Men’s basketball off to scorching start

2 years ago Corey King Comments Off on Men’s basketball off to scorching start
Marlins men’s basketball team continues their dominant start this season. Currently 7-0, the Marlins have answered a lot of questions that they had looming over them coming into the season. The Marlins had these questions because last year they were averaging 82 points per game as a team and they only returned 24 points per Read More