Mar 1 2018

Being Biracial

2 years ago Marlyn Silva Comments Off on Being Biracial
Our country has a long history with the topics of race and ethnicity. While we still deal with these struggles, the issues presented have many layers. One topic to discuss is the topic of being biracial and the struggles it may bring. The United States is known as a big mixing bowl of race and Read More

Campus has trouble with IT services

2 years ago Jenna Whitener Comments Off on Campus has trouble with IT services
Today’s world could not function without technology, especially tools like the Internet. Our dependency on the Internet for everyday information as well as for research means that we expect to be able to access it at any time, a luxury that is made possible by Wi-Fi networks and phone data. Informational Technology Services is responsible Read More

Keeping campus safe: A series of perspectives on gun control in the academic world

2 years ago Mickella Rast Comments Off on Keeping campus safe: A series of perspectives on gun control in the academic world
The gun debate almost always rages on in America, but recent events have brought it to the forefront of the news once again. On Feb. 14, 19-year-old Nikolas Cruz opened fire at a Florida high school, killing 14 students and three faculty members. On Feb. 27, a student was found shot in his dorm room Read More

Leaping Lizard Cafe: A Review

2 years ago Bayli Foley Comments Off on Leaping Lizard Cafe: A Review
So I want to start off my first food review article by giving you all a brief explanation as to what these reviews will entail and the purpose of the articles. My overall purpose for writing these articles is to share some restaurants that not too many people know about that are in the area. Read More

Let’s communicate

2 years ago Jonathan Joyer Comments Off on Let’s communicate
Should there be more communication between faculty and the student body? Communication between groups is essential for growth and trust in a community. This is something that we, as a school and as individuals, need to understand. Recently, I have been hearing from several students that they feel they’re not being kept informed of decisions. Read More

The Dugout

2 years ago Luke Chiasson Comments Off on The Dugout
In recent years, sports and real world events often intertwine with sports serving as a healing mechanism for the grieving public. For example, President George W. Bush’s iconic first pitch at Yankee Stadium after 9/11. This simple event that takes place before every Major League Baseball (MLB) game will always be remembered as a moment Read More

Love Liberally

2 years ago Cynthia Griffin Comments Off on Love Liberally
Virginia Wesleyan recently celebrated its 8th annual Love Liberally celebration of love in the Liberal Arts. Feb. 12-22 across campus various professors opened their classrooms to visitors during special lectures that showcased love in some shape or fashion. In the Hofheimer Library students could go on a blind date with a book. The library featured Read More

Relationship Goals?

2 years ago Wynter Bond Comments Off on Relationship Goals?
Every day, there’s a new couple breaking up. Some of them I couldn’t care less about, but there are some that make me feel like I’m being personally attacked. But then, there are those couples that make me believe in love again, and if anything were to happen to them I would feel like there’s Read More

The Olympics

2 years ago Farah Haidari Comments Off on The Olympics
I am not the biggest fan of watching the Olympics. However, when I do watch the Olympics, I prefer the Summer Olympics to the Winter Olympics for numerous reasons. Overall, I like summer sports more, my favorites being gymnastics and swimming. I remember my siblings and I would look forward to watching the Olympics together Read More

Checking in with Batten Scholars

2 years ago Amanda Archer Comments Off on Checking in with Batten Scholars
With the conclusion of the fall semester and the recent Batten Honors College Competition, evaluation of how the Batten Honors College has developed throughout its inaugural semester was imperative. During the course of two weeks, plans have been set forth to expand the Batten Honors College with the addition of new students for the incoming Read More