Oct 26 2017

Fright Night Countdown

2 years ago Tony Tann Comments Off on Fright Night Countdown
As Halloween approaches there are some brave souls that celebrate the season by watching their favorite scary movies. It’s a time for horror magic and mysticism. These cold days are perfect for heating up some popcorn, eating that early Halloween candy and scaring the soul out of your bones. It builds character. If you so Read More

Goodbye Mickey: rats vacate dorms

2 years ago Mickella Rast Comments Off on Goodbye Mickey: rats vacate dorms
Complaints about rats arose recently from residents primarily in Bray Village (also known as Village I), who said they had witnessed rodents in their dorms and halls. Robert Solomon, a freshman on Old hall in Village I, was one such resident. He first came into contact with the unwelcome guest late at night last month. Read More

Pennywise Returns

2 years ago Brianna Kidwell Comments Off on Pennywise Returns
The famous novel by Stephen King makes its return to the silver screen. With Halloween approaching, so many  activities are on people’s schedules, from heading to the pumpkin patches, to finding costumes to be worn on Halloween Night, to the list of scary movies that are need to be watched before the big horror night. Read More

Great debate

2 years ago Co-Written Comments Off on Great debate
Netflix and binge watching: a great way to pass the time or unhealthy habit?      This semester I have a lot on my plate. I am writing for “The Marlin Chronicle,” taking my Senior Seminar Course, doing an internship and taking other classes while trying to maintain a social life. A typical day for me is Read More

Students and staff discuss anthem controversy

2 years ago Co-Written Comments Off on Students and staff discuss anthem controversy
National anthem protests have engulfed the lead storyline in the news for over a year now. However, recent tweets by President Donald Trump have put an even more pervasive spotlight on the situation. Across the country professional athletes have been kneeling during the playing of the National Anthem as a form of protest against racial Read More

Life before text messaging

2 years ago Sabrina Lemons Comments Off on Life before text messaging
We moved beyond the cave drawings of history into a society where penmanship was an art form practiced and considered a hallmark of a refined lady or gentleman. A handcrafted letter was an expensive thing to craft and send, as well as was a gift to receive. Jane Austen’s “Persuasion” is a testament to written Read More

Campus culture examined after Weinstein scandal

2 years ago Joshua Davis Comments Off on Campus culture examined after Weinstein scandal
More than 30 accusers have come forward with charges of harassment against movie mogul Harvey Weinstein. These allegations come after the producer reportedly ruled his industry with an iron fist, using his power to exploit and abuse his colleagues and employees for decades. Virginia Wesleyan students find the importance of a positive culture on campus Read More

Celebrity relationships: age is not just a number

2 years ago Wynter Bond Comments Off on Celebrity relationships: age is not just a number
The celebrity world has never been practical or even somewhat conventional. From what they wear to what they do, celebrities make sure they stay relevant at almost any cost. Even when a public move seems like it should harm their reputation, it only boosts them higher in their world. Honestly, it’s more fun for us Read More

Students misuse LiveSafe

2 years ago Megan Sherman Comments Off on Students misuse LiveSafe
While LiveSafe is designed to ensure the safety of the Virginia Wesleyan community, some RA’s are disgruntled by the misuse of it. The application that is accessible on cellular devices has yielded great success in keeping the university safe. “Every student, faculty and staff member should have that because it is our primary means of Read More

VWU goes into the woods

2 years ago Cynthia Griffin Comments Off on VWU goes into the woods
“Into the Woods”, Virginia Wesleyan’s upcoming fall play will go on Oct. 25-29. “Into The Woods” was written by James Lapine in 1986. The musical combines the stories of many fairy tale characters such as Little Red Riding Hood, played by Emilee Caldbeck. Jack from “Jack and the Beanstalk,” played by Michael McOsker; Cinderella, played Read More