Clubs feature student opportunities

VWU offers numerous clubs and organizations, including the Generation Action club that works to inform peers about reproductive health and rights and the Baking Club, where students can bake cake, pastries and other baked goods.

The Generation Action Club is a returning club to VWU and advocates for reproductive freedom, reproductive health and reproductive rights. “Generation Action’s purpose is to inform students about reproductive health and rights,” Cassidy Braithwaite, the current president of the club, said. “We want to engage students in action projects aligned with Planned Parenthood’s goals.”

The student organization currently has five board members including Braithwaite as president, Claire Carter as vice president, Erin Foreman as operations officer and Makenna Good as social media manager. In reference to their meeting times, Braithwaite added, “We meet every other week and have options for meeting times. One is Thursday night and the other is Friday Night.”

Any student at VWU that wants to get involved in the Generation Action club is welcome to join. “Anyone can get involved by emailing any of our members, attending any of our meetings, and following our Instagram page @genactvw,” Braithwaite said. “And we currently meet in Blocker Hall Room 18.”

An additional student organization is the Baking Club which is new to VWU. “The main members on the board are myself and the vice president Madelyn Yale,” President Sarah Blackburn said. “We are open to new members of the board but currently those are the only two members.”

The club seeks to be a place where anyone that appreciates baking or wants to get into baking can jump right in. “Our purpose is to add more variety in baked goods that are sold at the school and also just to teach people how to
make baked goods and fine-tune those skills,” Blackburn said.

“One thing I’ve noticed is that a lot of the stuff sold here is just the exact same stuff regardless of what club or organization is selling it,” Blackburn said. “I figured people actually want variety so we’re going to be doing that. We won’t be doing store-bought icing, all of it will be homemade and it will just be goods that are higher quality and of different variety.”

The Baking Club has a very accessible meeting time of 12:30 p.m. to 1 p.m. every other Saturday. “We try to do it on Saturdays because that’s people’s day off and they don’t have to worry about it during the week,” said Blackburn.

“It’s just something that’s meant to be relaxing, not too hard, not too technical, and we also do it at that time so you have your entire day to yourself,” said Blackburn.

Joining the baking club is easy and open to all students no matter their baking background. Whether they’re a seasoned baker or a rookie trying out a new hobby, there’s a place for them in the club.

“All you have to do to join is sign up and contact me or any of the current members,” said Blackburn. “We have different entry levels or positions in the group. You have the baby bakers who have never been to a meeting before and there’s no hard commitment to that position, the secondhand bakers are people who have usually done at least a semester of it and are willing to help with our events.”

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Image Courtesy of Sarah Blackburn