Culture clubs

Staff Writer

This semester has been underway for some time now, which means clubs are active and having meetings. There is a club out there for everyone. You can even turn one of your favorite hobbies into a club.
The Asian Culture and Entertainment Club is a special interest club that was started by a group of people who shared a common interest.
Sophomore Ashley Williams, who is currently the president for the Asian Culture and Entertainment club, joined last year because she was able to find people who shared a common interest in Asian anime with her.
“We accept anyone who comes to our meetings. We don’t judge at all,” said Williams.
Their meetings are every Friday in Batten 228 or Clarke 218 from 2-5 p.m. At their weekly meetings, they listen to music and watch anime television shows.
“As the president, I try to keep them on their toes by making each meeting interesting and different,” said Williams.
One interesting addition to their meetings is a “fact of the day.” The fact of the day is to educate members about the Asian culture. In the past, they have only focused on Japanese anime. However, this year they are embracing all Asian cultures, allowing the club to become more diverse.
Not only do they gain knowledge on campus, but they also find ways off campus. Nov. 1-3, members of the club will attend Nekocon, which is a convention focused around the Asian anime community.
“We put thought into our events, and try to get those from our community involved,” said Williams.
The club plans on having a Halloween party on Oct. 25 from 2-5 p.m. in Batten 228. Everyone is welcome.
Anyone interested in joining the Asian Culture and Entertainment Club should contact Ashley Williams at