From London to Poguelandia

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“I told myself this is the last time, it’s YOU or nothing.” This haunting quote echoes in the minds of viewers as they start Season 4 of this Netflix fan favorite. This season of “Youfollows “Jonathan Moore,” an American Professor, through London; but all viewers know he is just a subtly disguised Joe Goldberg. 

For those who may not know, this Netflix hit follows Joe Goldberg as he runs from city to city, escaping the problems he creates and changing his identity every time his past alias is involved with a horrendous crime. 

Joe, played by Penn Badgley, is a man who develops an unhealthy obsession with a new woman each season, until this most recent season. 

Joe is an obsessive, sociopathic and narcissistic individual who approaches every romantic relationship with a psychotic level of faux commitment. Despite his efforts, he can never stay with the same person for a long period of time, as he always finds them guilty of a multitude of sins. If a “threat” appears, he easily disposes of the problem with deadly force.

Candice, Beck, Love and Marianne, played by Ambyr Childers, Elizabeth Lail, Victoria Pedretti and Tati Gabrielle respectively, are the main women (victims) that he meets in each season. Following the character growth and emotional development of Joe, despite his atrocities, the viewer comes to the realization that Joe desperately wants to change his way of life. Goldberg is nothing but a hopeless romantic, with the heart of a serial killer. 

“Once upon a time, I believed
in Love. Sure, I’d been hurt before,
but I had learned from that and I
wanted to fight for a fresh start.”
Joe Goldberg

In Season 3, fans begin to see Joe in a new light with fears and worries, just like any suburban husband. Finally, we see him paired against a formidable foe, his wife, Love. Joe and Love were a near perfect match due to their complementary personalities, but her psychotic tendencies got in the way when she pressured Joe into helping her with the murders she had committed, despite promising to start a new chapter. 

Four seasons in, we are still grasping onto the minimal knowledge we’ve gleaned of Joe’s childhood. What we do know is that he was abandoned by his mom after he killed his abusive father. This traumatic experience provides reasoning behind why he behaves the way he does now: readily killing to prevent any issue and to gain control. 

Each season, Joe truly changes, not wanting to resort to violence and ultimately death of his victims. With Season 4, he began innocently, wanting to make sure there were no threats to his relationship, that is until the “eat the rich” killer enters the picture while Joe is in London. 

The second half of Season 4 is absolutely mind boggling, leaving viewers on the edge of their seat, constantly wondering what is going on with Joe and Marianne. Will she be his newest victim, or will he finally break his pattern?

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“Once a Pogue, always a Pogue,” is the famous catchphrase every person hears when they watch “Outer Banks.” The most recent season starts with six teens stranded on a deserted island, which they appropriately named Poguelandia. But, before we get into the newest twists and turns of the newest season, let’s take a dive into the rocky past of the Kooks and Pogues. 

Four Pogues–the working class of the Outer Banks–John B., JJ, Kiara and Pope, played by Chase Stokes, Rudy Pankow, Madison Bailey and Jonathan Daviss respectively, only desire to live as young, wild and free individuals. 

Unfortunately, they are often deemed as troublemakers, who are almost always up to no good. As John B said, “The downside of Pogue life is we’re ignored and neglected. But the upside of Pogue life? We’re ignored and neglected, which means we do whatever we want, whenever we want.”

The Kooks–the Outer Banks’ old money families–of the show are the Cameron siblings Rafe and Sarah alongside Sarah’s ex-boyfriend Topper, played by Drew Starkey, Madelyn Cline and Austin North respectively. Kooks have always been in the positions of powers. In proper Romeo and Juliet style, Sarah turns to the Pogues when she is stranded in a city and falls in love with John B. 

Jumping forward to the present, the Pogues are still desperately trying to locate the hidden treasure John B.’s father, Big John, played by Charles Halford, supposedly died searching for. The group of teenagers set out on a wild chase, taking on deadly obstacles, overcoming hostage situations, fighting against family and forming new relationships along the way. 

A recurring theme of the show is John B. and his never ending search for his father, Big John, even after he is presumed dead when his sunken boat is found. John B never gives up on the idea that his father is alive and safe. In an effort to find Big John and to connect with him, John B. is hooked, trying to find the treasure his dad spent his life researching. 

The Pogues realize they find a family within each other and that being blood related doesn’t always mean they are family. 

Throughout the whole series, the Pogues are constantly on the hunt for the truth and for treasure, hoping to prove they are more than troublemakers and thieves. In their exciting search, the Pogues travel from Kildare to Barbados, and even from a remote island to the wild jungles of South America. 

Right before Season 3 aired, the cast of “Outer Banks” hosted a music festival, in which they announced that they are indeed releasing a Season 4. At the end of the season they are asked to search for another hidden treasure. Will there actually be more treasure? Only time will tell.

By Mikayla Moscatelli