Men’s Basketball vs. Lynchburg College

By Kellie Lagoy

Virginia Wesleyan men’s basketball traveled to Lynchburg, Va. tonight for their third conference match-up of the season against the Hornets of Lynchburg College.

This Marlins team came out strong, and they showed their nationally-ranked skills early. The Hornets couldn’t seem to defend the Marlins, and even surrounded by defenders they were able to get shots off and grab the rebounds. Virginia Wesleyan had 23*** offensive rebounds during the game.

Sophomore Khory Moore showed his talent and drive once again. He lead the team with 25 points, and he sunk all 8 free throw attempts he had.

The Marlins only gave up the lead once in the game, and it was late in the second half. It only took them 40 seconds to regain their dominance. In that short time that got a 7 point lead, and they never let the Hornets take over for the rest of the game.

The Marlins made sure that their fans were constantly on the edge of their seats by fouling 17 times and turning the ball over 15 different times. No matter their downfalls, this team still pressed hard and found a win. The Marlins defeated the Hornets 83-82.

The Marlins will play again at home against Washington & Lee on Jan. 10 at 2 p.m.