New MOCA exhibits

The Virginia Museum of Contemporary Art introduces new exhibits for visitors.

The two brand new exhibits at Moca, also known as, The Virginia Museum of Contemporary Art, are the Inka Essenhigh and the New Wave exhibits.

The Inka Essenhigh art was very naturistic. Every piece of art involved some part of nature whether it be people crawling in the desert or someone standing in the water and gazing upon the stars.

The New Wave exhibit, however, seemed to be more meaningful art and focus on topics related to the current social, political, and cultural topics. For example, in the New Wave exhibit, you can find a painting of a voter’s button with the words “Get Rich or Die Voting.”

The New Wave exhibit is more relatable as many viewers made comments on much of the art compared to really none for the Inka Essenhigh exhibit. Moca security worker Roy Smith summed it up perfectly by saying, “Most people come in here and they walk through the exhibits and the Inka exhibit gets the ooh’s and the ahh’s while some people get out right offended by the Wave exhibit.”

Although, the crowd was younger, there were a few older folks who reacted the same way. All together, the audience at Moca was mostly children to young adults and the sense was that the audience was pleased with the two new exhibits.

The Museum of Contemporary Art can be found at 2200 Parks Avenue, Virginia Beach, VA 23451. Admission is free, on Tuesdays and Thursdays. On days that aren’t free the price is $5.50 with a college or military I.D or if you’re a senior citizen of age 65 or older. The price for a normal adult is $7.70 and as for children, kids age five and up are considered students while kids ages four and below are free.

Austin Edmonds