Party rules on campus

Jenee Johnson
Opinions Editor

Have you ever heard about a party going on in village III or IV? Have you ever been turned away or kicked out of one? You want to know why? There are certain rules and common courtesies that you must know when wanting to attend a party on campus.
Rule #1: Be polite! We realize that you got all ready and wore your best outfit to go to a party on this campus but do not be rude to the doorman because they cannot let you in immediately. Also, don’t try to push your way in. Besides, if your reason for wanting to get inside in a hurry is because it’s cold outside, maybe you should have worn more clothes or checked the weather before leaving the room.
Rule #2: Once you are in the party, and you realize that is packed beyond belief in there, please say “excuse me” when trying to move through. Yes, it is crowded and we could all like to move, but you should not push someone! This can cause serious problems in a party and nobody’s got time for that! Just kindly touch someone and say “excuse me,” and they will move. They might not move a lot but you can work with it.
Rule #3: Do not fight! Yes, someone you don’t like might be in there or someone is pushing your buttons and you don’t have the patience. But you are saving yourself serious drama it you avoid confrontation. And you are also saving the people in the party some trouble because whenever there is a fight, the mood changes and the party usually stops because people have to break it up. Come out to have a good time, not to start drama!