The sounds of spring: As the new season arrives, fresh music follows suit.

Kadija Corinaldi
Staff Writer

“Drake! I think it’s called ‘Nothing Was the Same,’ ” said sophomore Brandon McLain when asked what upcoming album he was looking forward to the most.
Though Drake seems to be the most popular, there are many other hip hop and rap albums coming out in the next couple of months. J. Cole’s new album Born Sinner was pushed back from its original release date on Jan 28 to a later unknown date. Kanye West’s “Cruel Winter,” which is a follow up to his past album Cruel Summer, is rumored to be released later on this year as well. As for a comeback, Missy Elliot is finishing up her first album in years, wavering between the titles “Block Party” and “Class Dismissed”, with talk of a tour following soon after.
Not really into rap or hip hop? There are also new pop, rock and alternative albums scheduled for a 2013 release. Justin Timberlake is expected to make a comeback with his new album, “The 20/20 Experience”, with the release right around the corner set to be March 19. A “To Be Announced” date has been added to Miley Cyrus’s new, explicit album, which should be released later in 2013. MGMT, a Brooklyn-based retro rock group, will release their new album in June 2013. However, the title of the album has not yet been released.
“I can’t wait for Lights’ new album to drop,” stated sophomore Clarke Brown. The album, an all acoustic version of her earlier release “Siberia”, will be released April 30 this year. The album will be titled “Siberia Acoustic”.
For those who enjoy R&B, there will be some albums making their way into 2013. Beyonce lovers will swoon over her album rumored to be released this year, however, there isn’t a set date or title yet.
“John Legend is supposed to come out with his album soon, right?” asked sophomore Maya Davis. Correct, the singer/ songwriter announced that his album, “Love in the Future”, will be coming out this spring.
Mariah Carey assures her fans that they can expect her newest comeback album to be released by the end of this month. Meanwhile, Maxwell, an R&B/ neo-soul artist, is rumored to be releasing his latest album “Summers” in the near future.
On the other end of the spectrum, the Pop-Punk and new wave scene has had teaser trailers released for Man Overboard’s third album in their series about growing up titled “The Greatest Generation”, set to release on May 14. Man Overboard is planning on releasing their new EP called “Heart Attack” shortly after on May 28.
The indie powerhouse Lydia has recently released their newest work entitled “Devil”, which is free to stream off of Spotify for a short time. I Am Empire is releasing “Anchors” on March 26 as well, so keep an eye and ear out for these big names.
This spring season promises new, fresh music for fans of all kinds, so make sure to keep an open mind and look to listen to new bands while picking up new titles from old favorites.