Unlimited Relaxation

If you’re a student seeking modern meditation, an athlete in need of injury recovery and prevention or someone searching for innovative high intensity workouts, Sky’s The Limit Yoga Co. has recently opened a brick-and-mortar location on 25th St., Suite A, in Norfolk.


Founded by Danielle Collinsworth in 2017, Sky’s The Limit Co. used to be entirely community-based in the Hampton Roads area, thriving as a pop-up in local cafes, breweries and more. Now, over forty classes per week are housed in their inviting, yet industrial, studio in the historical Railroad District and within nearby businesses that remain pillars of the community. 


The warehouse-style building, built in the 1920s, has been gorgeously updated by the owner. Merchandise, snacks and pastries from neighboring small businesses can be found in the sun-lit lobby, which flows directly into the smaller of two studios—the Lotus Room. This multi-functional space doubles as a yoga studio and a co-working area, with tables and chairs available for yogis or stressed-out students in need of a focused study zone.

Sky’s The Limit Co.|Instagram
The front door of Sky’s The Limit Co.’s location.

Just down the hallway, the larger studio—the Sky Room—is aptly named. Warm lights dimly illuminate a sunset mural on the white brick while music pours from a surround system and several skylights offer a visual connection with the outdoors.


The environment is familial, it welcomes and relaxes you from the minute you enter. Addison Phoenix, who began working at Sky’s The Limit Co. in January, is just one of the many friendly faces that makes up the instructor team. When asked what she might say to a first time student or someone nervous to join, she said “yoga is for everyone and all bodies.” 


Collinsworth designed the studio with gender neutrality in mind to avoid the stigma that yoga is strictly for women. Phoenix had more to say on this, “It’s not all hippy and crunchy, or all for ladies.” Practicing yoga is “finding mobility in movement and connecting it with breath” and that can translate into physical and mental health benefits for anyone in all aspects of life. 


The Railroad District of Norfolk is a distinct area, with an eclectic and community-driven mantra. Since arriving in the neighborhood, Sky’s The Limit Co. has helped reflect and celebrate the idea of the community. 


Sky’s The Limit Co. makes yoga accessible, diverse and affordable. They proactively accomplish this by offering an extensive list of 40 classes per week in studio and 15 community events monthly scattered throughout the Hampton Roads area. Each class is taught by a highly qualified instructor, with a specific passion and penchant for that type of yoga. 

VWU student Emily Moody
Sasha Saxon|Marlin Chronicle

Affordability is no concern, with some classes based solely on donation and discount ideas like Happy Hour from 4:30-5:00 p.m. on Fridays for $10 yoga. Month-to-month and yearly memberships are available and provide discounts, but are definitely not required to enjoy all the benefits of the studio, which now excitingly include massages. Regardless of payment level, all necessary supplies for class: yoga mats, blocks, straps and bolsters are available to be borrowed (within certain class sizes) at STL’s location.


Whether you are a first time yoga student, hesitant to join, or an avid yoga enthusiast in search of a new home, Sky’s The Limit Co. will pleasantly surprise you. Community events to look forward to in March include classes at several local breweries, Coalescence Coffee, Eleanor’s Bookstore and Beachside Social. Follow @skysthelimityogaco for more updates and peruse their website skysthelimityogaco.com for more information and to sign up for classes.

By Sasha Saxon