Young Democrats

Virginia Wesleyan University welcomed a new political club and organization on campus this spring semester known as Young Democrats. 

“We felt that honestly, Wesleyan needed a Democrats club on campus,” Jason Blevins, President of Young Democrats, said. “It’s important, especially with our demographics of college students, to have our voices heard and provide as much political information that can be given out to help people develop their own political ideologies, whether they are Republican or Democratic. It’s important during this age and day,” Faith Osuji, Vice President of Young Democrats said. 

Students serving on the executive board of the Young Democrats are Jason Blevins serving as president, Faith Osuji serving as vice president, Davion Harmon serving as treasurer, Valery Caraballo serving as director of marketing, Danielle D’arcy serving as director of outreach and engagement, Matthew Taylor as secretary, and Erin Highsmith as co-marketing chair.

Blevins added, “One of the goals is to inform people on campus about the democratic party and we’re trying to keep it local about what’s going on in Virginia. We also want to help people in our community. We’re trying to get involved in the community, not just be involved politically.”  

Young Democrats hold meetings weekly on Sundays at 3:30 p.m. During club meetings, discussions are held on current events and the executive board brainstorms ideas on future projects.

“One of the first meetings, we had a discussion about what shaped our political beliefs and how to inform people at Wesleyan on COVID-19. We’re getting into the process of informing and helping people pre-register for the vaccine,” Blevins said.

Osuji shared, “A lot of the people that we have, especially on the executive board, are outspoken on how they feel about issues. It really wasn’t that hard to form our executive board….When it comes to getting more attraction in our numbers, it’s just been difficult because of COVID-19.” 

For more information about the Young Democrats, follow them on their Instagram page @marlinsdemocrats.

“When we go out and vote and make our voices known, we can make a change, it’s important to have our voices heard, so we have our representation. Whether or not you are a republican, democrat, or a third party member, you have a political voice. You can find it yourself and see what you’re passionate about ” Osuji said.

By Tiffany Warren