What happens on the bus stays on the bus

When teams are scheduled for away games they usually set out on the road long before the game times. Although most of this time is spent sleeping, when they are not sleeping they spend this time bonding with their team mates. Some teams even have special activities they do to get them pumped for the game or special places they like to eat before games.

Some teams have traditions they carry out from year to year. Women’s soccer players surprise their freshmen teammates by getting them to sing karaoke in something they call “Marlin Idol.” It is their version of American Idol.

On their first away trip, first-year field hockey players get sorted into one of the four Hogwarts houses from the Harry Potter series. They play games such as “Heads-up,” the charades app. The Field Hockey team also passes their time singing with headphones on, over the microphone on the bus.

“You wear Beats so you can’t hear what you sound like.” Senior captain, Alyssa Ochsenfele said.

The cross country team watches inspirational movies on the way to the races. Coach Littleton gives pep talks to get them in the right mindset before races. The team likes to watch funny movies like “21 Jump Street” or “Dragon Ball Z” on their trips back.

The golf team likes to jam out to an array of music in their van.

“A lot of Snapchatting goes on,” senior, Evan Hockensmith said. “We play head games with each other.” Hockensmith said, referring to the jokes they tell one another.

When teams arrive, they usually have a little while until they have to start warming up. This is when teams have a moment to take team walks and talk about how they want to do during the game as individuals and as a team. Goal setting is of top priority for many teams this season at VWC.

“Before every game we dedicate our game to someone and set individual goals and team goals,” Sophomore Brooke Adamchak said about women’s soccer. She says that this really motivates the girls to perform well because they are playing for someone else.

Field hockey sets goals and reflect on how they achieved or failed to reach their goals in a written form which they give to their coach.

The cross country team listens to their coach and other speaker for inspiration.

“For big races like ODACs or Regionals alums come to talk to our younger guys to inspire us,” Sophomore Gavin Fry said.

Long rides to games means the athletes will need to do some refueling. Stopping at fast food restaurants is not an option. That’s why most of their favorite places to eat are healthier.

Depending on where they are headed, the field hockey team likes to stop for Italian foods for pasta. Women’s soccer’s favorite is Panera when they are not having sandwiches that Coach Bowers provides on the buss in a parking lot.

Cross country goes to Chick-fil-a quite often. Hockensmith said he guarantees that the golf team’s favorite place to eat is Sting-ray’s in Cape Charles.

There are so many things to do on the way to away games, but sometimes teams leave early in the morning or leave after they practice so they end up sleeping on the bus.

Hayley Heath

(Image: Val Miller | Marlin Chronicle)