A new semester and a new me

By Cynthia Griffin
“New year, new me.” That’s what people are saying these days. For college kids just coming off of winter break, it’s “New semester, new me.” New year resolutions are something that I usually don’t make. They’re standards that people set for themselves that are honestly too far-fetched for them to accomplish. For me, it’s just something that I say I’m going to accomplish but then just end up getting disappointed when I don’t do it.

New semester resolutions are kind of different. I feel like the beginning of a new semester is almost like a clean slate. Everything that you did that wasn’t the best last semester is now forgotten. Since I don’t like the word “resolution,” I just think of certain things I would like to do differently. For instance, instead of waiting to start a paper for one of my classes the weekend before it’s due, I’ll try to start working on it the week before. Another resolution that I made was to eat healthier. In college, eating healthier isn’t very easy. In the cafe at Virginia Wesleyan, you’re surrounded by hot, delicious french fries and tasty sweet treats. What’s even worse is the tempting soda machine that has multiple carbonated drinks for anyone to choose at their own disclosure. So, I am currently trying to resist getting fries with my meal at the burger station and not even making eye contact with the dessert trays.

A new semester resolution is another chance to reinvent yourself during the new semester. That could be in the way of being more social or getting off your butt and ending your Netflix binge-a-thon. I hope to talk to more people and make new friends this semester– something that will only happen if I get off my phone and stop stalking my favorite celebrities on Instagram and Twitter (because of course Kim Kardashian is the coolest person to follow online).

New semester resolutions can either make you or break you. Most of the time, they will probably break you but it never hurts to try. While making resolutions, you should always remember that you probably won’t accomplish it but atleast you tried.