A night club with something for everyone

Featured Image: Former Peabody’s employee and current VWU senior, Melina Cabral. Melina Cabral | Marlin Chronicle

Only a five-minute walk from the calm waves and soothing sand of the Virginia Beach Oceanfront, the pulsing music and electric atmosphere of Peabody’s attracts the attention of many partygoers and concert enthusiasts. A hotspot for themed parties, local DJs and local bands, it’s a must-see in the Virginia Beach area. 

There are various concerts catering to all sorts of music tastes, ranging from ‘90s cover bands to EDM DJs, the club has an event for everyone. The concerts are usually included in a cover charge of about $15-20, which is cheaper than what most concerts at other venues tend to run. Peabody’s also strives to create an exciting space to celebrate certain holidays, such as a costume party and contest on the night of Halloween, or a Disco-themed party for New Year’s Eve. 

Additionally, the club is one of few in the area which holds “18+ Nights” (usually Friday-Sunday) to cater to those usually left behind in the usual 21+ policies in similar establishments. This makes it an especially ideal option for many college students vying to check out the concerts or the atmosphere in a safe environment, which is often highly age-restricted in the United States. 

“I like the fact that, even though you still can’t drink, they allow those under 21 into the club, so you can still get the experience,” Callum Collinson-Rogers, an exchange student currently attending Virginia Wesleyan, said. “It was a very intimate atmosphere and everyone was nice… I definitely enjoyed the music, too, as a drum and bass fan.” Collinson-Rogers was also able to attend the night of an EDM concert, and was surprised to see even the spotlighted DJs joining the party on the dance floor after their segment was over, making the whole experience much more personal. 

Peabody’s creates the feeling of a safe environment for many attendees. There is tight security, with staff and security guards scattered throughout the club with clear views of the dance floor and bathrooms. Attendees don’t feel watched by the staff, but it’s sufficient to make many guests feel comfortable to let loose and enjoy the atmosphere in a typically intense environment. This is especially important for many younger attendees, who are primarily college students. 

The club is also known for being an amazing spot to plan and throw a party. Although it primarily specializes in bachelorette parties, Peabody’s can cater for parties from 5-700 people, making it an ideal venue for birthday parties, receptions and other special events. There are sectioned-off VIP areas throughout the club for smaller parties, which offer an intimate and slightly private, yet still inclusive space. 

For bigger events, it’s possible to rent out the entire area and employ Peabody’s state-of-the-art sound and lighting equipment, decor, staging, etc. It’s perfect for spreading the infectious energy of the club to special events. 

Dancing doesn’t pique everyone’s interest, and Peabody’s finds a way to cater to that as well. Anyone is able to grab some friends and reserve one of the few billiards tables in the club. The tables are strategically placed near windows with a gorgeous view of the ocean. Attendants are also able to order food off of the surprisingly large menu to enjoy while they play billiards, or just sit and chat in their dining area. It’s the perfect place for someone who wants to enjoy the upbeat company and awesome music, but doesn’t want to jump onto the dance floor.

However, the iconic high energy and packed dance floor can be largely reliant on the day of the week, or even the event of the night; a club, even with a great setup and attentive staff, is only as good as its attendants. 

“When we arrived, there was nobody, but that continued throughout the night. It was a Thursday, and I guess people don’t really go on Thursdays,” Lara Koenigsdorff, an exchange student, said. “We didn’t really like the music, so, without the people, it wasn’t really fun.”

Weekends, of course, are busier nights with a larger, more energetic crowd. 

“With a small venue like this, I didn’t expect much,” Erik Jangenmalm, an exchange student, said. “But the energy of the crowd and a packed dance floor more than made up for it, and it delivered a really fun night!” 

To get the most out of a night at Peabody’s, it’s most important to go on a weekend. Patrons should look out for concerts showing their favorite music genres or take friends to an exciting theme night.


By Avery Belisle