A senior’s reflection on Wesleyan

My experience at Virginia Wesleyan University has been one for the books. When I first transferred to VWU I was met with super friendly and welcoming students, staff and professors. 

As a commuter, I did not expect to be as involved on campus as much as I have been.  During my first year at school, I instantly made friends with a lot of the students in my psychology classes and political science classes, but little did I know I would also be making friends with students from other fields of study and different parts of the school, from greek life, battens honors, sports teams, and other commuters. 

Throughout the years I made many friends that were in Batten Honors, involved in Greek Life, a part of Marlin Ministries, on some sports teams and they have been able to open my eyes to different aspects of the University and in life in general. 

The community at VWU, although small, is extremely impactful and open to each other. To me, the heart of the school is definitely the student body which has many students from different backgrounds and walks of life. 

There are times when you would think this would cause more problems than solutions but I have not met a student at VWU that did not have an open mind or an interesting aspect to add to life. 

I have seen the students come together on many occasions that showed the strength of the VWU community. I think that the university is going in a good direction as long as it openly listens to the concerns of the students and actively ensures the students feel safe and heard when it comes to the concerns that may be brought up. 

The professors here are outstanding and they help to ensure that you reach your full potential throughout your years at VWU and I think that is the most impactful thing that the university has provided. 

I would like to give a special shoutout to Dr. Schwennicke, Dr. Myers, Dr. Oshikoya and Professor Pritchard on their perseverance in the classroom and the positive impacts they have made on me during my years are VWU. 

Trevaughn McNeil