Art show exhibits capstone projects

The Senior Art Show “Goin’ Through It” displays a collection of artwork from the ART 450: Senior Art Seminar course. Professor Philip Guilfoyle, director of Art and manager of Ceramics and Sculpture Studios, advised the class. “It’s actually a difficult class to teach because it’s not really straightforward. You have to work really individually with the students, so I really like that part of it,” Guilfoyle said. “They always go through an amazing kind of growth stage.”

 Seniors Arin David with “17 Year Brood”

Alexis Purpora with “Consumed By Sorrow”

 Breana Mahoney with Nina and Noodle

Jacob Springer with “Colorado Mountains”

Amber Sullivan with “Bailey”

 Jomaira Rosado with Hope.

All pieces are on display in the Barclay Sheaks Gallery.

McKenna Howenstine|Marlin Chronicle