Australia to America

Taking the field this season for the field hockey team is a newcomer to America. Freshman Mallory Langford is in the United States for the first time, completely on her own. “The biggest change for me has been living by myself. I have lived with my parents my whole life, so it has been a bit of an adjustment getting used to doing things and organizing things by myself,” Langford said.

Langford started off feeling terrified at being in a new place all alone, but now seems to have settled into life here in the United States. “The adjustment to life at Virginia Wesleyan has been relatively easy. The first couple of days were tough, everything was very foreign and a bit scary. Now life is much more normal,” Langford said. By making the decision to come to Virginia Wesleyan, Langford had to leave behind everyone she knew: family, friends, coaches. “The one thing I miss about Australia, besides my family, is the familiar faces. At home I can walk around town and see plenty of people that I recognize and say hello to. I also was very involved with my local field hockey association at home so I miss regularly seeing everyone there,” Langford said.

For Langford, coming from Australia to America, things are a bit different in Virginia Beach. “The biggest differences for me between Virginia Beach and where I live in Australia is the beach. My hometown is an inland city in Australia so I hardly ever go to the beach at home” Langford said. But when it comes to Langford, it seems as though she is enjoying the change of scenery “I enjoy living in Virginia Beach because there is a lot more to do than there is at home,” Langford said.

For most kids, it is hard enough picking a school in their own country. Langford left hers completely to study and compete in the United States. How do you even come across the thought of going to another country to attend school? For Langford it was easy; she didn’t have to look for Wesleyan, Wesleyan found her, “I first heard about Virginia Wesleyan through an email I received from the field hockey coach, Christina Restivo,” Langford said.  Langford went on to say, “The main reason that I chose Virginia Wesleyan University was that I was offered a place in the Batten Honors program where I could focus on my school work as well as being a part of a strong field hockey team.”

Langford has played in eight of the Marlins’ ten games this season. In those eight games, she has posted one assist and one point.  Langford seems to be excited for what is still to come this season for the Marlins. “I am really looking forward to playing more ODAC games this season. So far we have only played Roanoke in an extremely close game, so I think that it will be interesting to see what happens in our next conference games,” Langford said. She has helped the Marlins post a 5-5 record this season. Conference games continue for Langford and the Marlins starting October 7 with Eastern Mennonite.

  While away from home, Langford has realized that this is a good opportunity to find out who she is as a person and an athlete.  “My main goal at Virginia Wesleyan is to become the best version of myself that I can be. I think that learning more about the subject areas I have chosen to study as well as being in the field hockey team will help me achieve this goal,” Langford said. Langford and her team are back in action this weekend, taking on Old Dominion Athletic Conference (ODAC) opponent Eastern Mennonite here at Birdsong Field.

Corey King