Campus celebrates the life of Nyah “Liz” Washington through a collaborative commemoration

The Office of Campus Life announced the sudden death of sophomore Nyah “Liz” Washington from Seaford, Delaware. She will continue to be a part of our campus community and we all are hurting with her family and friends.

According to Vice President for Campus Life and Operational Management Keith Moore,

“She loved children and spoke frequently about her siblings and other children in her life. At VWU, Nyah Liz furthered this love by majoring in Comprehensive Liberal Studies – Curricular Emphasis and minoring in Studio Art with the dream to one day become a teacher. She was passionate about her work on campus with Tidewater Collegiate Academy where she served as an After School Specialist.  


Her love for VWU was far reaching, and she planned to assist Marlin Nation Orientation this coming summer. From her application, her advice to new Marlins was, “Be yourself and people will come to you based on your personality. Don’t change for anyone but yourself!” Nyah Liz started Marlins Disney Club and built a strong community for fellow fans of the Mouse. She loved our tight-knit community and was sure to share this while serving as a Wesleyan Ambassador for the David Kaufman Center for Enrollment.


Nyah Liz’s family welcomes members of the Marlin community to celebrate her life at her service, which will be held on Saturday, April 30, 2022, at Nehemiah 6:3 Faith Builders Ministry, located at 2051 Jefferson Rd., Lincoln, Delaware 19960. Visitation will take place from 9 a.m. to 11 a.m. Nyah Liz’s service will immediately follow.


We understand that the loss of a fellow Marlin is extremely difficult. Should you need immediate support, please contact Counseling Services at 757.455.3131 or Student Ministries at 757.513.7716.”

Several events were hosted on campus to remember and celebrate the life of Nyah. On April 20, Student Ministries and Student Counseling provided a time of reflection and remembrance in the Pearce Suite, located on the 2nd floor of the Jane P. Batten Student Center. Thursday’s “Thank Bob It’s Thursday – Disney Trivia” hosted by the Office of Student Activities in the Harbor Grill was held in her honor. An event was also hosted on Friday, April 22 on Gamble Plaza outside of the Monumental Chapel and Beazley Recital Hall. Watch the video of the remembrance ceremony here.

Students participate in “Thank Bob It’s Thursday – Disney Trivia” hosted by the Office of Student Activities in the Harbor Grill on Wednesday, April 20. 
Members of the campus community pick up flowers and bubbles, as well as sign cards and a frame for the Washington Family.
Attendees at the memorial event on Friday, April 22 celebrate Washington’s life.
Attendees signed the picture matte for the Washington Family.

In Memoriam:

To honor her and the light she shared with others, the Chronicle asked those who knew her to send us favorite memories and pictures to make a collaborative commemoration.

Sophomore Colette Kearney – Friend

She never failed to make me laugh or put a smile on my face or just make my day better whenever I talked to her. 


Junior Gretchen King – Friend

Nyah was one of my closest friends. I could always count on her to be there for me! She brought so much laughter and happiness into my life. There was never a dull moment with Nyah. I remember one day we were trying to work on a project together and we started around 4:30pm. Let’s just say there was more talking about other random things than our project subject. We finally finished our project by 8pm that night. It was moments like that I will never forget. I also can’t forget about our car rides! Every time we would go somewhere we always jammed out to a Disney playlist Nyah had! We would be singing at the top of our lungs! We were also planning to be roommates together next semester and she was so excited! She constantly told me “ I have already been thinking about things I want to cook for us next semester!” I will forever be grateful for meeting the beautiful soul of Nyah Liz Washington💛 Being an education major myself. I know for a fact that Nyah would have been a wonderful teacher one day! She always talked about her kids that she helped out with and she always told me what she wanted to do in her classroom one day. She had a creative mind and a wonderful personality to be around. I will forever be grateful for meeting Nyah and our friendship!


Senior Lindsay White – Friend 

The very first day I ever met Liz, I walked in the room and she immediately complimented me with such sweet words. That was just a sliver of the joy and kindness she held. I spent many late nights in enrollment calling students and hanging out with Liz. I could hear in her calls with students and her interactions with others that she genuinely cared about every single person she spoke to, no matter if she just met them or knew them for years. I have never met anyone so quick to listen who shines such a light into the life of everyone around. Her kindness and loving smile is one that will never be matched on campus.


Freshman Judah King – Friend/co-worker 

I will cherish all the corny jokes we made and the talks we had and her willingness to help out


Cori Jackson – Campus cooperative supervisor and friend

Liz always had a joke of the day for us. She would go around the office ready to get a laugh out of everyone. They were always cheesy dad jokes that were never really that funny, but the delivery was so good you couldn’t help but to giggle.


Brooke Novkovic – Co-worker

Liz made an effort to make me laugh each day. She would come up for the best “dad” jokes. Her laughter was contagious and her smile would instantly cheer me up. We could talk endlessly about anything and everything until we would realize she needed to get to class and I needed to get back to work. I loved hearing her tell stories about her siblings and all their shenanigans. I could really tell how close she was with her family. Liz also gave the best hugs. I’m really going to miss that. Our office will never be the same.


Paige Kimmel – Co-worker

One of my favorite memories with Liz will always be she first came back for the spring semester this year. She sat in my office and we were just chatting and catching up about how her winter break was. Our conversations would cover multiple topics, usually us recommending different books that we knew the other would love to read at some point, Liz telling me stories about the kids she taught back in Delaware or our favorite Disney movies of course. Liz was an absolute light and an amazing person to work with. There was not a day that went by when she did not have a smile on her face. If you were having a bad day, it would immediately become a hundred times better just being around Liz and her positive energy. I will forever cherish the memories I have of Liz and she will always be missed.

Liz was an absolute ray of sunshine and her smile was contagious. I will miss talking to her about the latest books she was reading or the books she impacted teaching.


Senior Katie Baca – Co-worker

Although we had so few interactions as a fellow Ambassador, I knew we were friends. There was never a moment where kindness, humor, or a shared love of books didn’t come up. She was a friend first in every situation. I wish we could have built that relationship more.


Sophomore Jack Palmer – Friend

Nyah was always such a bright and caring soul. I had the pleasure of being in calculus with her. She could always put a smile on my face when I saw her. Wishing you all the best during this very hard time.


Stephanie B.


We love you so much, sweet angel. <3 Thank you for being such a joy in the Marlin community. <3 Once a Marlin, always a Marlin. <3 You’ll be missed. Fly high darling.


Maya B. – Roommate 

The sweetest, funniest, and most caring roommate a person anyone could have ever asked for. Rest in wonderful peace.


Dr. John

I remember Nyah’s bubbly nature- even during a stressful J-Term class! She was always ready to share her love for children, life, and art.


Nadine – Co-worker

I will miss late nights with her.


Cha’ – Co-worker

RIH! Beautiful! <3 Amazing.


Freshman Stephen Schneider– Co-worker

You always knew how to brighten one’s day; you are truly admirable. I’ll always carry the brightest, most fond memories of you. Thank you for being the best Ambassador trainer I could’ve asked for.

With love,

Stephen Schneider (future work husband 🙂 )



I will always be grateful for the love, light, and brightness you shared with everyone who crossed paths with you. <3


Sophomore Makenna Goode- Friend

Nyah was one of the most beautiful people I’ve met. She was such a beacon of positivity and light, and always knew how to make me smile. I’m so thankful for the memories we had: sitting in the car in the rain, crushing on celebrities, ranting about calculus. <3 

Thank you, Nyah. And a quote from WandaVision: “What is grief, if not persevering.”



I didn’t have the honor to meet you, but in peace may you rest. 


Sandra Ewell – First-Year Advisor

Love you and miss you, Miss Nyah Liz. I will always remember your love for life and sharing joy with everyone. I especially love that we shared our relationship of DEL (you) MARVA (me). You are forever in my heart and I know you will be teaching the young children in heaven. 


Mackenzie. W 

I don’t know you well, but I met you once and you were very nice. I wish you peace and happiness wherever you are. 


Dr. Carol Johnson – ENG 222 Teaching Grammar and Writing Professor (Fall 2021) 

In my class, Ms. Washington, future teacher extraordinaire, was truly the life of the party! The faculty will truly miss her. 



I remember one day we were in the back of Enrollment making packages for a counselor. I was watching Grey’s Anatomy and we instantly connected. We laughed the day away and gossip about the show while Cha was slightly mad because we were loud. Since then, she was so nice. We endlessly talked about any and everything. You were a true light in this world. I already miss you, although we were not close. Nyah Liz, you will forever be missed. 


Ary’el K. – Friend 

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