Clarke Hall features new computer lab, info monitors

If anyone has been downstairs in Clarke Hall this semester, they would have seen some new upgrades in the hallway and classrooms. Recent additions include business televisions, stock market tickers and a new computer lab. 

There is also an old classroom that was converted into a studio where professors and faculty can record podcasts and lectures. On top of all that, there are four new faculty offices where business and computer science students can collaborate together. 

According to Dr. Michelle Vachris, professor and chair of management, business and economics and the MBA program director, the upgrades came from funding which included updated technology in Clarke 118 in the form of instructional technology and a brand new computer lab across the hall in Clarke 125 which is mainly used by the computer science students. 

With the upgraded projectors in the classrooms, Dr. Vachris said  “I’m really excited about the clear whiteboard, so I can draw and I can see people.” 

When asked about how she hopes to use the new upgrades with her students Dr. Vachris said, “Well in terms of showing them graphical analysis and that sort of thing, with the better projector equipment sometimes I show video snippets. Sometimes in class I’ll do polls and students can answer them and we can see results in real time.” 

When asked about the business televisions in the hallway, she said, “it’s an easy way for students to keep up with what’s going on without having to sit down and read a newspaper.” 

For students it’s nice and exciting to see in the hallway. junior Suzanne McFetridge said, “It’s interesting to look at if I’m in the room or passing by.” 

Likewise sophomore Danielle Perry said, “It’s nice to see how businesses I frequent are doing, but overall I just enjoy looking at it if I’m passing by.” 

Although Perry believes the new upgrades are more beneficial for students if they have class in Clarke, she said “I don’t have many classes in Clarke so I rarely get to see it. I feel like the student center would have been a better place for it rather than being tucked away in the corner of Clarke.”

By: Colette Kearney