Color Me Mine adds a vibrant studio to Norfolk

Assorted white ceramics sit arranged on the shelves like blank canvases. There were cookie jars, mugs, picture frames and more varieties of decorative ceramics to choose among them. The painted ceramic pieces on the shelves with designs of characters and vivid colors sparked creative ideas.

Need somewhere to de-stress during this spring semester or make a handcrafted gift for someone? Ceramics Color Me Mine is a fun, welcoming, paint-it-yourself pottery studio located in Norfolk’s Historic Ghent district. 

The studio has a no-judge space that invites everyone to paint and friendly staff who assist painters by offering ideas and instructing techniques to make their envisioned masterpieces come to fruition.

Izzy Anderson, a staff member at Color Me Mine Norfolk, shared about her enjoyment of working at the studio. “My favorite part of working at Color Me Mine is seeing everyone’s reactions to when their art comes out or how they react to their painting,” said Anderson.

Color Me Mine’s studio hours from Sunday to Thursday are 10 a.m. – 6 p.m. and 10 a.m. – 9 p.m. on Fridays and Saturdays. Walk-in guests are welcomed to paint at the studio.

It is strongly recommended to make a reservation to save a spot for a one hour and 20 minutes painting session at Color Me Mine Norfolk.

The $10 deposit will count as one $10 studio fee that will be deducted from your total at checkout. Reservation deposits are non-refundable after 24 hours. Staff will save your reserved table for up to 15 minutes after the start of your appointment.

Anderson added, “I personally believe that no one is artistically challenged, in my opinion. I feel like they just need to explore that part of them. We all have our [own] backgrounds and there’s some of us that are potters or sculptors. All of us have done some form of pottery and painting and art, so we all have some form of expertise, which we will always assist customers with.”

There are many techniques from sponging and stamping to sgraffito and more that Color Me Mine Norfolk staff will help guests with painting their pottery. Guests can also attend workshops to learn how to paint their desired ceramic masterpiece.

Lauryn Ferrette, the manager of Color Me Mine Norfolk, shares how the studio assistants support all painters. “From the start, as soon as you walk into the door, you have someone assisting you, welcoming you and guiding you through your process. Whether it’s helping you select a piece, helping you select colors, or even suggesting techniques to help guide your idea,” said Ferrette. 

“Every step of your process at Color Me Mine is assisted by a professional.”

Their most popular workshop is the charcuterie board date night that was hosted on March 13. Guests designed two ceramic trays while enjoying charcuterie treats and participated in an instructor-led painting session for $40. Don’t worry, Color Me Mine will have another charcuterie board date night in April.

The studio also has an Easter themed workshop for adults only on April 1. Register to attend the evening workshop from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. to celebrate spring by painting a tulip plate. The workshop costs $25 per painter that includes ceramic tulip plate, studio fee, instruction, glaze and firing.

Ferrette added, “I think working in the arts in general is always a natural de-stressor. For myself, I’m a painter, so anytime I’m painting, it’s therapeutic to me. It’s kind of like releasing your emotions through color, brushstrokes, and getting your ideas and concepts together to create new things.”

Visit Color Me Mine Norfolk on 1300 Colley Avenue to de-stress this spring semester or make a homemade keepsake. Guests can contact staff at or (757) 625-1666 for additional questions. Follow @colormeminenorfolk on Instagram and Facebook or check their website at and for more information about events and workshops.

by Tiffany Warren