Currier shining bright for VWC

By Jamie Crawley

The Virginia Wesleyan College men’s lacrosse team got off to the best start in school history, reeling off six consecutive wins to start the season. The men are currently in an intense race for dominance in the Old Dominion Athletic Conference (ODAC). One of the biggest catalysts for this success is senior attacker Josh Currier. Currier, by way of Peterborough, Ontario in Canada, broke many records in his remarkable career at VWC and is in the conversation for being not only the best lacrosse player the school has seen, but the best athlete Virginia Wesleyan ever produced.

Department of Sports Information | Courtesy
Department of Sports Information | Courtesy

“In preparation for the season, I tried to get as many shots on the net as possible. I made it a goal of mine to get on Birdsong every day,” Currier said.

This hard work he put in was evident as records started to fall one by one. First, it was the VWC all-time goals mark held by Pete Derby ‘98 and Nick Pappas ’14. Currier’s six goals against non-conference opponent Greensboro were enough to give him sole position of the honor. Ironically, Pappas is a guy Currier looks up to.

“Nick Pappas is someone who inspires me a lot. He was the one who showed me what hard work can do for someone,” Currier said.

The very next game, Currier broke the record for assists in a game against Methodist University, and then three days later, secured a personal best of seven goals against Adrian College. Then on March 30, Currier became the all-time leading goal scorer in ODAC conference history.

“It felt really good to break the record. I am really proud of all my teammates throughout the years because without their contributions to the team, it would not have been possible,” Currier said.

His teammates really appreciate the player he worked to become over the years and cite qualities such as his work ethic and will to win as pivotal aspects to his game.

“Josh has a huge impact on game day putting up points, but I think he makes an even bigger impact at practice. He works so hard perfecting the little things in his game and it makes everyone around him want to work harder too,” senior attacker Connor King said. “He’s a great teammate to have on the field because you know how bad he wants to win for everyone around him.”

On the field, Currier is an intense competitor, but off the field he enjoys life like anyone else. His roommate, friend and VWC sports information intern Chris Smith attests to that.

“Off the field, Josh is relatively quiet. He likes to stay organized and does so by keeping a tight schedule between his lacrosse and school work. When he isn’t busy with either lacrosse or school, he likes to spend his time hanging with his friends on the beach,” Smith said.

“He’s a really good guy off the field too. He’s one of the boys, cracking jokes, and looking out for everyone like they are family,” King said.

Family is something that drives Currier each and every day. He credits his family for his success and motivation.

“My family motivates me the most. They support me in everything I do, so I feel obligated to put forth my best effort,” Currier said.

He even credits his brothers for the success he is currently attaining.

“My brothers Zach and Andrei really helped me become the player I am today. We always played in the backyard together growing up, and that is where I fell in love with the game,” Currier said.

With the season nearing its conclusion, the goal and focus for the team and Currier did not change since the beginning of the season. The men are working to raise the ODAC trophy for the first time in the history of VWC lacrosse.

“My main goal for this season is to win the ODACs,” Currier said.

Regardless of how his final season ends, Currier plans to still be apart of lacrosse for as long as possible. Whether playing, coaching or just volunteering, Currier plans to always stay connected to the game in some form or fashion. Due to his performance in his college career, he will continue playing at the professional level for his hometown team.

“After graduation I am lucky enough to keep playing lacrosse in the summer for the Peterborough Lakers,” Currier said.  “I plan on being involved with lacrosse until the day I die. I hope to keep playing for a while, but if that doesn’t work out I will be doing something with the sport.”

All in all, the lacrosse team is ready to make the push they need to win the ODACs, and with Currier leading the way, the possibility is great. Win, lose or draw, one thing that is guaranteed is Currier won’t shy away from the big moment.

“A quote a teammate of mine, Evan Merrill, told me has really motivated me recently and it is, ‘Heat makes gold, and pressure makes diamonds,’” Currier said.

Look out for men’s lacrosse as they look to make diamonds.