Doing business online

For years Virginia Wesleyan students and parents have had to make their way to the business office to handle all of their student account and tuition needs. Over the summer it was announced that Virginia Wesleyan students would have access to their student accounts via WebAdvisor.

From the new website students can see their student account summary and even submit online payments for their tuition.

On top of giving students access to their tuition, the website also gives students access to useful academic features. Students can view courses in the course catalog as well as grades from previous semesters on WebAdvisor.

An extra feature that the site has is a financial aid page. The page not only gives a student access to their financial aid information, but it also gives links to other important websites such as FAFSA. With it, the site also gives you access to other federal loan websites as well as links to the Federal Student Aid website to complete loan counseling if it is the student’s first time applying for a federal student loan.

Out of all of the things that students have access to on the website, one of the best features is the ability to see how much of your financial aid you will have to pay back. It breaks down each financial aid award you get and gives you the percentage that you do and don’t have to pay back.

Although this addition to WebAdvisor is fairly new, it’s a convenient way for students to take care of their financial aid and tuition needs in the digital age.

Cynthia Griffin