Dress to Impress

Ditch the cat, bunny and devil ears and angel halo; it’s time to get creative. As Oct. 31, 2019 approaches everyone is trying to be creative to come up with the best Halloween costume. Most people find it more convenient and affordable to make their own costumes, rather than going to their local Party City. This year, the costume game has advanced to a whole new level. Standing out results in dressing up as something totally uncommon. From cringy costumes that will bring the laughs to group costumes that everyone will want to be a part of, this year is all about the creativity. If you plan on having a 2019 Halloween costume that no one else will have or a clever costume that will make everyone do a double take, these ideas will check all of the costume contest boxes.  There are two types of people in this world: people who plan their outfits three months in advance and people who wait until the last minute to purchase or make a basic costume.

Most people base their costumes on whatever the trend is of the year, from kids wanting to be their favorite Disney character to adults mimicking the latest movies. This year, 2019, the most popular costumes are the Joker, Pennywise, US, Black Panther and Wonder Woman. People choose to use the main characters in movies to dress up as because they can pick a specific scene that stood out to them to pick as a costume. For example, the movie “US” is a great movie to use as a group costume amongst a family to be creative. Some people even go as far in being creative and dressing up as popular memes trending on social media or their favorite celebrity.

One thing that creative people are doing is making outfits from not only movies and TV shows but from social media. People are beginning to copy well known memes on social media, such as Twitter, TikTok, and even really old vines. Taking this route may be the smartest if you want to go cheaper or just want to show your friends a new and unique outfit. Now is your chance.  

Halloween is the time of the year when people get to dress up as anyone they would like to be. People put in hard work and creativity studying DIYs to try to come up with the best costume of the year. YouTube has become a great source for their DIY uploads from vloggers to expand people’s creative minds. “The only reason I would dress up on Halloween at this age is if I’m going to a costume party,” junior Dominique Coleman said. Costume parties are a great way to get adults out of their shells for the ones who don’t usually dress up.

People contemplate a costume that will catch the eyes of all the trick-or-treaters or win the costume contest at the Halloween party. Either way, dressing up in a costume on Halloween is hundreds of years old and people still choose to today.

Makiah Ellis