Everybody loves Grayson

Women’s lacrosse player and mother, Megan Schallock, includes her son in her success on and off the field

A 7-3 record, 21 goals and 10 assists is a notable start to the season for a lacrosse player. Not to mention a senior lacrosse player who juggles the stress that intensifies as graduation grows closer. That alone is impressive – now add raising a baby boy to the mix. Megan Schallock continues to be an integral part of women’s lacrosse’s success thus far, even after welcoming her son into the world just a month before the spring season began.

Schallock gave birth to Grayson James on Dec. 1. Despite this being about a month before the season began, Schallock did not let this inhibit her senior season. In actuality, it motivated her further. “Once I had him, I made the decision that I was going to play because I felt great,” Schallock said.

Her schedule is a hectic one: class, practice and taking care of Grayson. However, she has the help and support of her teammates, which essentially made their team chemistry even stronger.

“She did amazing, I’m honestly mind blown. I work, go to class and play lacrosse, and I’m like ‘that’s what I can handle.’ I see her with Grayson and she’s never stressed, she’s always happy. She handles it so well, and she’s still an awesome lacrosse player,” senior McKenzie Dowd said.

Junior Jordan Callahan also spoke highly of the way Schallock has carried herself. “Like a freaking champ. I mean nothing’s slacking, her stick skills are there, her IQ is there and she’s never missed practice or anything, so she’s a pro,” Callahan said.

The team chemistry between the new coach and the players has helped them already double their wins from last season. This is shown on the field as they have already tallied 57 assists. The team not only works with one another on the field, but off the field as well. Grayson has become a bonding opportunity for the team as some teammates helped Schallock look after him when she was in class or just needed an extra set of hands.

“I think he’s brought us together more because we’re doing more things together than just lacrosse. We’re all here for Megan, and we all want to help her, and we all love Grayson. I think it just gives us a different aspect of being a team and a family because now we have one other person to add to our family,” senior Rebecca Winslow said.

“We all love hanging out with him and playing with him. He definitely helps us bond more because when one person has him it brings everyone else together and it’s just like a team effort to try and keep him happy, laughing, and smiling at all times,” Callahan said.

Schallock’s son, Grayson, wasn’t the only new addition to the program this year; the team now plays under head coach Kendyl Clarkson. Clarkson previously coached at Methodist University and played at Buffalo State. The VWU lacrosse team accrredited a lot of their success to Clarkson’s laidback coaching style.

“I think that coach has changed the mindset of the team, the talent was always there, but now everyone wants to have fun and everyone wants to be there,” Dowd said.

“It was just really exciting to have someone come in who really encouraged and believed in us,” Callahan said.

Callahan played a key part in the Marlin’s success so far. She’s a solid defender who’s also scored eight goals. She said that the team intends on keeping up this high-velocity scoring in order to propel them into the postseason

Five regular season games remain for the Marlins, all of which are conference play. “I think we have a real good shot at conference this year, and my goal’s this year I just want to get back in shape and just keep pushing,” Schallock said.

Megan Sherman